Best of Both Worlds: Howard Park 'Flint Rock' Shiraz

On Deal Through 10/7/23 -- 7 cases up for grabs -- For those who love New and Old World Syrah and Shiraz, it doesn't get much better than Howard Park's Flint Rock bottling.

Crowd-Pleasing South African White: Tania and Vincent Careme 'Terre Brulee' Chenin Blanc

On Deal Through 9/30/23 -- 10 cases available -- We've stocked every vintage of this wine ever produced, and the Careme's Terre Brulee Chenin Blanc gets a little bit better each year.

Baby Chateauneuf du Pape: Domaine Jean Royer 'Le Petit Roy' Rouge

On Sale Through 9/23/23 -- 10 cases up for grabs -- There's a rocking new Rhone in the house, it comes from an "on-the-rise" Chateauneuf producer, and it's an absolute joy-ride of a red.

Better than most Sancerres, Less than $25: Domaine Adele Rouze Quincy

On Deal Through 9/30/23 -- 14 cases available -- I am in love with the 2022 Adele Rouze Quincy, and I think it is the best vintage of this wine I've ever enjoyed. 

Unbelievable Piedmont Value: 2018 Gianluigi Lano 'Lanot' Langhe Rosso

On Sale Through 9/30/23 -- Piedmont and Value are rarely encountered in the same sentence, but they are in full force in the 2018 Lanot Langhe Rosso. We've featured this before, and I'm sure we'll feature it again. 

Dreamy White Burgundy: 2022 Chateau Vitallis Macon-Fuisse

On Sale Through 9/23/23 -- It's another stellar vintage of the Vitallis Macon-Fuisse. This out-classes many Pouilly-Fuisses, but it comes to you at a much more attractive price.

Drinks Like Top-Flight Cotes du Rhone: Domaine Rouge Bleu Dentelle Rouge

On Sale Through 9/23/23 -- 14 cases up for grabs -- Domaine Rouge Bleu, though fairly new on the secene, is an estate on a mission. That mission is to craft incredibly delicious wines that drink way above their humble price points.

Big and Complex Flavors at a Great Price: 2019 Decero Cabernet Sauvignon

On Sale Through 9/30/23 -- Decero does it again! Their 2019 Remolinos Vineyard Cab is one of the top Cab values in the world.

Is this the top Chardonnay value on the planet? La Colline aux Fossiles Chardonnay

This top-seller is about to move to the next vintage, and it will see a significant price increase. No problem, I bought a ton of the 2020, it's drinking like a dream, and it's back on deal. Get some before it's gone!

Beautiful Bubbles: Champagne Voirin Jumel Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru

When I got word that Voirin Jumel's Grand Cru Champagne was taking a price increase in a couple of weeks, I bought a bunch! 

The More Luscious Side of Sauvignon Blanc: 2022 Blanchard and Lurton 'Les Fous'

This is without a doubt the best Sauvignon Blanc for the money I've tasted in a long time. It will appeal to all lovers of the grape, but it will also appeal to those who like their Sauvignon Blancs on the richer side.

Saint-Emilion Style at Half the Price: 2018 Chateau Vilatte Bordeaux Superieur 'En Fut'

Goodness gracious, Chateau Vilatte's Bordeaux Superieur drinks as well as or better than a lot of Saint-Emilions.

Racy, Crisp, Mineralic: 2022 Domaine de la Pepiere 'La Pepie' Muscadet
When it comes to Muscadet, most insiders would agree that Domaine de la Pepiere is about as good as it gets.

Delicious, Classy, Elegant Old Vine Zin: 2021 Kokomo Zinfandel
Old Vine Zin Lovers Unite! The 2021 Kokomo Zinfandel is an absolute masterpiece of a wine, and we're offering it up at one of the best prices in the country.
Red Burgundy Extreme Value: 2020 Capitain-Gagnerot Bourgogne Rouge
On Sale Through 9/30/23 -- 72 bottles up for grabs -- Consistently my pick for the top Red Burgundy value in the world, the 2020 Capitain-Gagnerot Bourgogne Rouge does not disappoint.

Let's talk about Friulian Sauvignon Blanc: Via Alpina Sauvignon Blanc

While there's still a bit of Sancerre in the market, supplies are dwindling. I've found the fix for that, and it's the Via Alpina Sauvignon Blanc.

Like Pinot Noir? Try This: Campo Hermoso Tinto

The Campo Hermoso Tinto is my new house red. A fresh and enlivening blend of mainly Mencia from Bierzo, it's stupid-good, honest, and cleanly-made Spanish red wine at a very attractive price.

Incredible Albarino Deal: Zebedeo Blanco

The Zebedeo Blanco, a blend of Albarino from Rias Baixas and Godello from Ribeiro, is so fresh, so aromatic, and I can't believe I'm able to price this at less than $11!

Top White Bordeaux Deal: Chateau Vilatte Bordeaux Blanc

Vilatte's Bordeaux Blanc is everything I look for in a white and more! Plump, juicy, and superbly satisfying, it is one of the best white wine deals I've encountered in some time.

"Grand Cru" Barolo: 2018 Cavallotto Bricco Boschis

When my sales rep came to me with a ridiculously low price on Cavallotto's legendary Bricco Boschis Barolo, I really had to maintain composure. 

Spectacular White Burgundy Value: 2021 Jean-Paul Brun Beaujolais Blanc Classic

It's another HIGHLY successful vintage of Jean-Paul Brun's stunning Beaujolais Blanc. I always rate this as one of the top White Burgundy values we stock, and the 2022 is no exception.