About Us

Table Wine is local, family owned, and dedicated to our Asheville community.

Our Philosophy

WInes for the People

Farm to Bottle

One of the other things that makes our work unique is that we focus specifically on what we like to call “farmer” wines. Put simply, almost all of our wines come from producers who farm their own grapes or from those who purchase grapes from small, family grape farmers.

These are the producers that subscribe to the notion that great wine is made in the vineyard with good, healthy, carefully grown grapes. In a sense, we offer a “farmer’s wine market”, and if you’ve ever shopped for your vegetables at one of Asheville’s many farmer’s markets, we think you’ll agree that the tomato purchased there far surpasses the quality, freshness and deliciousness of the one purchased at the grocery store. This same premise applies to wine!

Sustainability Tastes Better

We also feature Asheville’s largest and most focused selection of wines produced using organic, sustainable and biodynamic agricultural methods, but very few of the wines in the store are labeled as such.

Many producers have been farming their vineyards this way for many years, but prefer not to spend the thousands of dollars it takes to get this designation printed on their labels. To them, organics is a necessity, a philosophy and a way of life, not a grand marketing scheme. We could go on and on, but the best way to learn more about these types of wines is to stop by the store and ask for Josh, Sarah, Martha, or Peg, and make sure you’ve got extra time on your hands!

Our Dedicated Team

Josh Spurling | Founder, Owner, Wine Monger

I must be honest. I got into this business by accident while I was enjoying my post-college “sabbatical” in Aspen, Colorado……aka goofing off before I had to join the real world. It was 1998 when I took a job at a wine shop/pharmacy called Sundance Drug and Liquor in Snowmass Village because the job provided me with a free ski pass. From there, store owner Barbara Wickes became my early mentor in the business. She gave me my first copy of Wine for Dummies, and I started shifting from a beer drinker to a wine drinker. These were blissful, heady days and it was in Aspen that I met Lynn, who is now my wife.


After we got married, we moved to Washington DC where I managed a small wine store in Dupont Circle, eventually landing a sales position with a major distributor in the area. After two years, the call to Asheville grew too loud to ignore. Lynn and I headed south to our new and permanent home. I found a place at the Asheville Wine Market, continually learning, tasting and listening to my new mentor Eberhard Heide as my dream of owning my own store percolated. After leaving the Asheville Wine Market in 2005, I took a job with a new distributor to Western North Carolina (The Country Vintner) and helped them to develop a major presence in Western North Carolina. After several years of continued business growth (and many miles), I grew weary of the grind and I left The Country Vintner in late 2009 to write my business plan for Table Wine and catch my breath. The store opened in July of 2010, and I haven’t looked back since then. Today, the store is stronger than ever, and I am extremely proud to provide full time employment to three wonderful human beings.

I love wine, I love food, I love the art of pairing them and I love communicating this knowledge to others. My gift is selecting the perfect wine for specific palates and occasions in any price range. I look forward to sharing this with you. Come to Table Wine, sit down, have a taste, and let’s have a conversation about wine!

Martha Speegle-Snell | Store Manager

My introduction to wine was the result of a true small-town connection. I returned to my hometown of Black Mountain after graduating with a degree in English down in Georgia. I was set on finding a job at a public library but was stymied by the slow-turning wheels of bureaucracy. In the meantime, I needed a job to pay the bills. My mother told me that the owner of our small town’s wine shop, who used to be a first-grade teacher when I was in primary school, a logical career progression he always maintained, needed a new employee. At the time, it would have been miraculous if my wine knowledge had filled a single page


however, I was told I’d have plenty of pportunity to learn on the job.

Turned out, wine entranced me. There was so much to learn; if I spent a lifetime studying, I’d never know it all. Bookworm that I am, this delighted me. I was then so giddy to share my new discovery with everyone who came into the shop. My library job search was quickly forgotten. I spent a few years working at The Merry Wine Market: organizing, learning, and tasting. After that period of time and a move to a different part of the county, I decided it was time to find a job that could provide further growth in my wine education and be closer to my new home. I was delighted to be offered a position at Table Wine where I could foster a deeper knowledge, embrace a new ethos, and share new wines. I can’t wait to share the joy and depth of experience that a good wine can bring you! 


My entry into the world of wine was through restaurants, as I worked my way through college and beyond, eventually ending up in fine dining establishments in New York City and Napa. I fell in love with the wider world of wine, however, while traveling through Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of South America. I noticed that through learning about the wines and the foods of a region, I was able to understand a lot about the culture and history of the place that I was in, and I was



My passion for the art of wine is based upon the feeling that through wine we connect to families, cultural traditions, and to our natural environment.

I eventually owned my own wine and cheese shop in Maine, and then managed wine stores for others. I have worked as a wholesale wine representative, managed a team of sales people here in western NC for a distributor, and worked for an importer representing their wines in the South East. I am very happy and excited to be back in the realm of retail and to be working with team Table Wine!

Nicole Barrett | Wine Consultant

It was during college that I first learned how the table functions as a gathering place for people from all corners of life. I was studying music performance and had just met Naoto, the man who would later become my husband, when my love for cooking first took its form. Those years in university taught me the beauty of inviting people to my own table and sharing a meal with them; it’s something truly supernatural, a piece of heaven on earth. It wasn’t too long after this that wine became an extension of that


passion. You could say that two lifelong loves were born in the very same season for me.

Naoto’s mom took us both wine-tasting in California, but prior to that point I really hadn’t ventured into that territory. Being from Brevard, just outside “Beer City,” I proclaimed to be a beer-drinker through and through. My first wine tasting adventure, however,
forced me to swallow those words (wordplay intended). I began to see that wine was more than a beverage; wine was art, history, and somehow a universal language that people from all over the world could understand. As an art major myself, it was these transcendent qualities that captured my attention. 

Before joining Table Wine, I was working at a local vineyard and was able to discover the viticultural possibilities that lie
within my original stomping grounds. I’m still fairly new to the wine industry, but endlessly eager to learn and discover all that this art-form is. My desire is to fill my life with tables, faces, and wines from everywhere possible.

I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of Team Table Wine and be taken under the wing of such learned wine-lovers!

Lindsey Frazier | Wine Consultant

Before I started delving into the art that is wine, I was in the world of beer. My head was swimming with hops, strange yeasts, and local craft brews. I was under the horrid assumption that wine wasn’t much more than a classier way of drinking alcohol, that it involved using phrases like, “what a buttery mouthfeel”, “do you notice the rhubarb nuances in this red”, and other statements that went too far over my head. What I understood about wine was that I preferred reds to whites, rosé was my favorite, and that, most likely, I would just settle on anything put in front of me at a restaurant.


When I decided hops had become too bitter and not exciting anymore, I looked for a sign to find not only a new job, but a new Passion. If one of the job requirements at Table Wine including, “enjoys rosé at all seasons” wasn’t enough to peak my excitement, the promise of acquiring knowledge and insight into the mysterious world of wine was. I moved to NC with my wife, LR, from Kentucky and we would have never imagined that we would find such amazing people and honestly a new home: that’s what I found with Table Wine.

I was accustomed to retail having worked in it for over 10 years, but now I had to understand and convey thoughts and feelings about what I was selling. To my surprise, I would fall in love with the history of wine practices, the stories behind the families who own these vineyards, the heart, soul, and toil they poured into every bottle, and *gasp* even white wines that transcended my perception of their inadequacy. Josh, undaunted by the learning I would have to do, saw the eagerness and ability to not only become more knowledgeable but a part of Team Table Wine.