Vicinus Vinho Verde 2021

Bright and Delightful Liters from Portugal: Vicinus Vinho Verde

What makes fresh and fizzy Vinho Verde even better? A bigger bottle of Vinho Verde, and the 2021 Vicinus Vinho Verde is just that. This liter-bottled white comes from the fine folks at Quinta da Raza, and it is sure to put a smile on your face!

Loved for their bright and zippy personalities, their light fizz, and their low alcohol, Vinho Verde is a wine I can get behind all year long. Sure, they go down a little easier when it's hot and sunny, but good wine is good wine, no matter what the weather is like. The Vicinus Vinho Verde is not only good, it's an insane value in estate-bottled white wine.

Vicinus Vinho Verde

2021 Vicinus Vinho Verde 

Drink this liter of light and zesty Portuguese white all year long! 

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What exactly is Vinho Verde? It's two things all at the same time. First and foremost, it's a light and crisp white wine with just a bit of sparkle to it. Most of you know this, but did you know that Vinho Verde is also a small region in Northern Portugal? Based in the Minho province, Vinho Verde literally translates to "green wine," but a better translation would be "young wine," as most versions are released just 3 to 6 months after harvest. Feel free to share this info with your co-drinkers. They will be impressed with your knowledge :)

What makes Vicinus Vinho Verde different than most of its peers is that it is estate-bottled by family-run winery. The majority of Vinho Verdes we see in the US come from large "wine factories" where quantity and not quality is the goal. Quinta da Raza dates back to 1769, and this wine comes from the preferred Basto sub-appellation. Grown on slopes a bit inland, the vineyards here are protected from Atlantic rains, and they get more sunshine.

A blend of native Portuguese varieties (Arinto, Azul, and Trajadura), here is a white that embodies the term FRESHNESS with full conviction. Dry, light-bodied, delicately spritzy, and DANGEROUSLY DRINKABLE, this delivers uplifting and electric aromas and flavors of lime zest, lemon, green apple, white peach, and hints of green tea.

Perfect for any occasion, this would taste especially good with ceviche, flaky white fish, or a low country boil. Stock up on this for everyday enjoyment, but be sure to save a few bottles for a sunny spring day. Those are just around the corner :)

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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