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Solky Affumicati E Salati Sant' Antioco Buzzonaglia Tonno Rosso Di Corsa

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This small, family-run cannery is located on Sant' Antioco, an island off the coast of Sardinia. Their specialty is hook and line-caught Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna packed in really good olive oil. They fish only during the month of May, when tuna is migrating but not quite reproducing. The meat is fatty and rich in nutrients. You will not taste better tinned fish in the US.

'This is Buzzonaglia. I love euphonious Italian language. Say this word out loud, and you get a sense of how it’s regarded among fisherfolk. This is the part of the meat that surrounds the backbone of the fish. It’s considered poorer quality than Ventresca or Tarantello, but Italian cuisine is all about making gold from meager ingredients. The meat is flavorful, less refined, really great for hearty red sauce pastas with olives and capers, and stuffing into red peppers. It’s not bland. Buzzonaglia is miles more delicious than supermarket tuna.' - Importer Jay Murrie

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Type: Food Item
Country: Italy
Region: Sardinia
Farming Practices: Sustainable

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