Raymond Ragnaud Pineau des Charentes

Raymond Ragnaud Pineau des Charentes

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Raymond Ragnaud is one of the top Cognac producers, located in the town of Ambleville in the heart of the Grande Champagne. Ragnaud's Pineau des Charentes is made in the traditional manner, by combining 2/3 unfermented grape must (containing no alcohol) with 1/3 young cognac at about 60% alcohol. The strength of the alcohol prevents the yeasts and sugar from fermenting, stabilizing the wine between at 17% alcohol. This mixture then goes into foudre to age for four years, over which time the pineau picks up aromas that include notes of figs, pears, and nuts. The sugar from the grape must makes this sweet, while the acidity and alcohol never permits it from becoming cloying.

Usually served with an ice cube in a tulip-shaped glass, this is a classic French aperitif, very popular back in the fifties and sixties and enjoying a bit of a comeback, particularly when incorporated into creative cocktails. Other uses for Pineau include basting roasted meats or thickening sauces.

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Type: Aperitif
Country: France
Farming Practices: Organic
Vintage: NV

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