Durante Pinot Grigio 2020

Not Your Typical Pinot Grigio: 2020 Durante Pinot Grigio

There are oceans of bland and boring Italian Pinot Grigio, but the version from Durante stands in stark contrast to those. Fermented with native yeasts on the skins, this one offers up bold and exotic aromatics, a rich texture, and an orange wine-like style.

From a small, certified organic and biodynamic, family-run estate, it is made and bottled with minimal sulfites. Not your typical Pinot Grigio, this will appeal to those who like white wines with a lot of character. 

Durante Pinot Grigio

2020 Azienda Agricola Durante Pinot Grigio 

Ripe, fleshy, and aromatic, this is a lot of Pinot Grigio for the money! 

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If you are tired of insipid and uninspiring Pinot Grigio, I've got the fix for that. Here's a wine that offers up savory aromas of ripe lemon, bruised apple, peach skin, bee's wax. orange blossom, musky herb, and spring flowers. It is rich and textured, but there's a wonderful beam of acidity that keeps things fresh and zesty.

The Durante Family Estate is based in the Piave DOC in Northeastern Italy. This is a region more known for Prosecco, and the still wines rarely make it out of Italy. Durante also makes a delicious Prosecco, and that is coming soon, but for now, let's talk about the family, the farm, and this wine.

Father Lino and his sons Ivano and Michele pour their heart and soul into their family farm. Certified organic and practicing biodynamic since 1998, the trio believes that farming this way produces better wines. I would have to agree with them, and when it comes to farming methods, I leave it up to the farmers to decide. It is not an easy way of life, with climate change and all, and I respect farmers' decisions on how best to manage their properties.

Organic viticulture is great, but it's not great if the wine doesn't taste good. Trust me, this tastes really good, but it is not going to be for everyone. The savory and earthy character of this wine, no doubt due to it being made with minimal additives, might be a little much for some folks. Simply put, this is not your simple and fruity Pinot Grigio. That's specifically what I like about it, and that's why I'm offering it up at a great "bottle one" price.

I am looking forward to enjoying a bottle of this with Lynn over a steaming bowl of Wild Ginger pho. Whites like this love savory and umami dishes, but this is also a fun one to sip slowly and watch it unfold. 

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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