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Table Wine’s Discount and Hold Policies

There’s been a bit of confusion concerning our discount policies. We totally get it as it can be a lot to take in. Between the featured newsletter wines which are already discounted, our standard volume discounts, and the Grape Nuts volume discounts, there’s a lot to keep track of. Below is a quick guide that should help you understand how it all works.

Standard Volume Discounts: 10% off any mixed 6-11 bottles, 15% off any mixed 12-59 bottles, or 20% off any mixed 60+ bottles.

Grape Nuts Discounts: 15% off any mixed 6-11 bottles or 20% off any mixed 12+ bottles.

Newsletter/Feature Wines: These are almost always at least 20% off, but there are often volume requirements to get the discount. When we say “Solid 6-Pack” or “Solid Case,” it means you have to buy 6 or 12 of the same wine to get the deal price. And these discounted prices are “best prices,” meaning there’s no added volume or Grape Nuts discount.

Discount Requirements: To receive any sort of discount of volume discount, all of the wine has to be rung in on one transaction. We get charged credit card fees every time we process a transaction. Thus, wines purchased on different transactions cannot be combined to get the volume discount.

Hold Policy: We ask that all orders to be paid for within 48 hours, and we request that you pick your wine up within a one week window. We’re a small store, we have to pay for all wines when they are delivered, and storage space is very limited. Don’t forget, we are now able to safely and securely store your credit card on file.

Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine
[email protected]