Domaine Sigalas Santorini

The Wonderful World of Greek Wines

The best way to learn about wine is to taste it, and we conduct one of Asheville’s Best Free Wine Tastings every Saturday from 2 to 5. This week, with Asheville’s own Greek Festival going on all week-end, we invite you to stop by the store and try some fun and fascinating Greek wines. If you’ve had negative experiences in the past with these wines, it’s time to give them a shot again as quality levels have risen over the past several years.

First up, the 2012 Domaine Skouras “Zoe” White Blend a is a fresh, light and crisp white wine that would fill in perfectly for Pinot Grigio. With peach and tangerine fruit along with refreshing acidity and subtle floral notes, it’s a wonderful white for all occasions. Next up, the 2013 Domaine Sigalas Santorini comes from one of the country’s greatest producers. I may sound a bit overly enthusiastic about this wine, but it must be tasted to be believed. Gorgeously aromatic, with an array of lemon, pear, quince and mineral notes, it opens up on the palate to reveal live-wire acidity and intense citrus, saline and mineral notes. It makes me want oysters! To finish up, the 2011 Domaine Skouras “Zoe” Red Blend contains 90% Saint George and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Soft, juicy, red fruited and kind of Beaujoalis-like, it’s a fun and flavorful wine to enjoy with friends and/or simple comfort foods. Trust your Wine Guys when they say that these are all delicious wines. We wouldn’t lie to you. Stop by, taste, learn and save this Saturday at Table Wine.

Tasting wines are 10% off by the bottle, 15% off when you mix any six of them and 20% off if you mix twelve!

The Wines
Prices range from $10 to $15 per bottle

1. 2012 Domaine Skouras “Zoe” White Blend
(Peloponnese, Greece)

2. 2013 Domaine Sigalas Santorini
(Santorini, Greece)

3. 2011 Domaine Skouras “Zoe” Red Blend
(Peloponnese, Greece)