White Wines To Beat The Heat

White Wines To Beat The Heat

Let’s face and accept the fact that it’s hot, and instead of continuing to complain about it, let’s look for some solutions! This Friday, August 3, we’ve got 5 solutions for you in the form of delicious, crisp and thirst quenching white wines and you can taste them all in our cool store………68 degrees to be exact! The tasting runs from 4 to 7 p.m. and the cost is just $5 to taste all 5 of these refreshing white wines.

Think Pinot Grigio is bland and flavorless? Think again. Think you don’t like Riesling? Wrong, you just haven’t had one that you like yet. Bring yourself, your tasting shoes and an open minded and adventurous palate to the store this week for a Friday Winedown and Cooldown! Here’s the lineup of wines we will try:

1. Antonio Sanguineti Vermentino – Antonio Sanguineti loves racing European cars and listening to opera almost as much as likes making and drinking wine. His Vermentino comes from a small parcel of vines along the Tuscan coast andit is fresh, juicy and aromatic and oh-so good on the back porch.

2. Tahbilk Marsanne – This estate is one of Australia’s oldest and their Marsanne vines date back to 1927. The grape Marsanne is of southern French descent, but it does really well in Australia producing a wine with lovely notes of spring flowers, peach, pear and mineral.

3. Formentini Pinot Grigio “Collio” – Not all Pinot Grigios are created equally – one taste of this and we think you’ll agree. From one of the top spots in northeastern Italy for the production of white wines (Friuli), this one explodes out of the glass with a lovely perfume of white peach, pear, vanilla cream and mineral. The palate is medium to full bodied and much more lush than other Pinot Grigios in this price range.

4. Meyer-Fonné Edelzwicker – Edel what? Don’t worry,Edelzwicker is an Alsatian term for a field blend, and this one combined Pinot Blanc with Muscat, Chasselas and Riesling to create a broad, juicy, flavorful white wine. Ripe peach, apple, pear and citrus fruit dominate with little hints of nutmeg and allspice on the finish.

5. Schloss Muhlenhof Riesling Trocken – Trocken is German for dry, and this wine is a great introduction to that style. It is a very vibrant and pure wine, with notes of lime, exotic citrus, ginger and mineral. Even better, it comes in a liter bottle that gets you an extra 1/3 bottle of wine!