Spanish Wine Tasting at Table Wine in Asheville, North Carolina.

Vinovi & Co. Spanish Wine Tasting

Thursday, August 10 from 7:15 – 9:00 p.m. Join us for a Vinovi & Co. Spanish Wine tasting featuring 9 wines from this fabulous, Michigan-based importer. The cost for this open-house/drop-in style tasting is just $20 ($15 for Grape Nuts) to taste 9+ wines with light tapas (cheese, serrano, marconas, bread, olives). RSVP and pre-pay are required. Call us at 828.505.8588 or email us at to get for your spot for this incredible event. We can only take 40 lucky folks for this one.

What makes the wines from Vinovi & Co. so special is that they are carefully selected by Barcelona-born Nuria Garrote i Esteve. I tasted 7 wines with Nuria a little over a month ago, and I bought a case of each………….that has only happened one other time in Table Wine’s history…….it was a Turley tasting fyi. She represents an incredible roster of small growers, producers, and farmers that make an amazing array of modern-styled, innovative, trend-setting wines — there won’t be any of those overly earthy, funky wines at this tasting!

Vinovi & Co. Spanish Wine Tasting at Table Wine in Asheville, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, Nuria will not be able to join us for the tasting as she is attending to business in Barcelona. However, my good friend and former co-worker Mark Orsini will join us to pour and tell the producers’ stories. Thank God for Mark…………he’s the one who acquired the rights to sell the wines in North Carolina, and he’s also the one who got me to taste the wines in the first place. Mark and I used work together for The Country Vintner (distributor), but decided we’d worked long enough for “the man.” I started Table Wine, Mark started Orsini Wines, and we’re both thriving.

He and I are both excited about this tasting as we’re truly pouring you some of the top wines in Nuria’s portfolio. We’ll start with a Champagne-like Cava before we move to a couple of complex and delicious whites. It’s the reds though that will steal your heart! They’re almost all from the northern quadrant of Spain, and they’re all big, full flavored, and made with a definitive Catalonia spirit — think Priorat, big Grenache blends, and a Pomerol lookalike that sells for a fraction of the price………oh yeah, Nuria is sending some extra samples of some of her newest producers’ wines that I haven’t even tried……..she swears I’m going to love them and I believe her! In a nutshell, if you like modern styled wines made with an avant-garde sort of spirit, you need to be at the store on August 10th!

Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine