Free Wine Tasting: Seasonal Specials and Sarah's Favorites

Free Wine Tasting: Seasonal Specials and Sarah's Favorites

Thursday, June 23rd from 4 to 6 pm – Longtime Table Wine associate and manager Sarah Chandler is leaving us at the end of this month to join her boyfriend in Charlotte. We will all miss her friendly demeanor, her great sense of humor, and her passion for wine. Martha Speegle-Snell will be taking over as manager beginning in July, and we know she is going to do a great job.

Join us for this "Transition Tasting" where you can say goodbye to Sarah and congratulate Martha on her promotion. I let Sarah pick out the wines for the tasting, and she definitely picked some good ones. She and Martha will pour the wines and talk about them, and all you've got to do is stop by, taste, learn, and save big!

Don’t forget, all the featured tasting wines are 20% off by the bottle on tasting day only.

1. 2021 Stefan Rosner 'Hauswein' Gruner Vetliner (Kamptal, Austria): If you're looking for the perfect white for the beach or the pool, look no further. The young Stefan Rosner has produced the ultimate "porch pounder" with his Hauswein Gruner Veltliner. Please don't let the name lead you to believe this is not a "serious" wine; far from it, this is honestly the best liter of Gruner we've ever stocked, and we've stocked a lot of them.

2. 2020 Chateau Graville-Lacoste 'Les Fleurs de Graville' Graves Blanc (Bordeaux, France): In vintages deemed worthy, a few barrels of “Les Fleurs” are produced. A selection of some of the estate's best Graves grapes are vinified separately and raised in barrel alongside their Sauternes (their other whites are raised in stainless steel). The wood brings another dimension and another level of complexity to this dry white. Lush with distinctive minerality and great nerve, this is a world-class White Bordeaux!

3. 2021 La Cave du Prieure Gamay Rose (Savoie, France): This lovely and full-flavored rose comes from the hillside vineyards of Savoie. The Barlet family have farmed these Alpine sites for many years, and their experience and skill are on full display in this superb dry rose. It is one of our favorite dry roses of the 2021 vintage, and we think you'll love it too!

4. 2020 Ca La Bionda Valpolicella Classico (Veneto, Italy): Alessandro Castellini makes one of the prettiest Valpolicellas we've ever tasted! He goes for a more aromatic, fresh, and lively style, but don't think that means this is too light or simple. This wafts out of the glass with aromas and flavors of raspberry, dark cherry, pink peppercorn, anise, and Asian spice. One of the all-time great pizza wines, this also makes for a charming red to sip slightly chilled on warm, sunny days! 

5. Surprise Wine: We love surprises, and this is a very special wine from one of Oregon's top Pinot Noir producers.