Try 3 For Free Wine Tasting - Sardinian Wines

Try 3 For Free Wine Tasting - Sardinian Wines

Try 3 For Free Wine Tasting – Sample Some Soulful Sardinian Wines! Saturday, October 15th, 2-5pm

Sardinia is located 150 miles off the west coast of Italy and is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Compared to the rest of Italy, wine is a much more recent phenomenon in Sardinia and is less culturally and historically engrained than in the mainland regions. That doesn’t mean it’s not delicious! Far from it as Sardinia enjoys a diversity of landscapes and mesoclimates that are ideally suited to the cultivation of the vine. Join us to sample 3 of the island’s specialties starting with a fresh, tangy and aromatic Vermentino. Next up, we’ll pour you a bold and distinctive Cannonau (aka Grenache), the island’s main red grape. To finish, you’ll get to sample something really special in the form of a 9 year old Carignano (aka Carignan) that is just singing right now. With all of the wines retailing for less than $20/bottle, this is a great opportunity to taste and learn about Sardinian wines and score some great values as well. More details below or email us at if you’d like to place an order.

The Wines
Save big on all of the tasting wines! Mix any 3 of them and save 10%, mix any 6 and save 15%, or mix any 12 and save 20%!

1. 2015 Poderi Parpinello “Ala Blanca” Vermentino (Sardinia, Italy) – What an absolutely gorgeous white wine and a great alternative to unoaked Chardonnay. With intense notes of ripe apple, peach, lime, and freshly cut green herbs, this medium bodied white wine is very attractive.

2. 2012 Sella E Mosca Cannonau (Sardinia, Italy) – Sella E Mosca is one of Sardinia’s oldest and most highly acclaimed estates, and their Cannonau is one of the island’s most recognized wines. Cannonau is the local name for Grenache, and Sella E Mosca crafts one of our favorites. Warm, dry, and harmonious, it offers up scents and flavors of wild berries, plum, smoky herb and leather notes. This is a strong wine for strongly flavored meats and stews.

3. 2007 Sella E Mosca Carignano “Terre Rare” (Sardinia, Italy) – Trust us, we’re not hawking old, tired wine here! The estate ages their old bush vine Carignano (aka Carignan) for 36 months in French oak followed by several months in bottle before release……talk about a labor of love. The resulting wine is super complex with secondary notes of mocha, brown spice, and caramel followed by fruit notes of dark plum and berry. At less than $20/bottle and with 9 years of age under it’s belt, this one is both drinking incredibly well and is a stellar value.