Italian Wine Tasting at Table Wine in Asheville, NC.

Tour of Italian Wines - Try 3 For Free Wine Tasting

Saturday, May 20th from 2-5pm – Take a tour of Italian wines at your favorite neighborhood wine shop on Saturday! We’ll hit north, central and southern Italy for this adventurous tasting that features the incredible 2014 Vallana Barbera, one of Italy’s greatest red wine values.

For fans of Italian wines, you don’t want to miss this free wine tasting! We’re pulling the cork on that Vallana Barbera (our new Case of the Month) along with some other delicious, but lesser known wines. We highly encourage you to stop by. Up first, it’s a relatively rare white grape from Italy’s Abruzzo region. Cococciola is the grape, and it yields a fresh, bright and aromatic white wine perfect for sunny days. Up next is something entirely unique. Dry rosé of Aglianico is something I wouldn’t think would work (the grape is quite thick skinned and tannic), but it does when Fontanavecchia makes it! Fuller bodied and more powerful than most rosés, this is truly a treat for the senses. And last but not least is that Barbera I’ve mentioned too many times! Vallana is one of the Piemonte’s most legendary producers, and their Barbera is about as good as red wine gets for less than $15. Stop by, try the wines, learn something new, and save every Saturday at Table Wine. Can’t make it by, but want to place an order? Just email me at

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The Wines
All of the featured tasting wines are on sale the day of the tasting: take 10% off if you mix any 3, 15% off if you mix any 6, or 20% off if you mix any 12.

1. 2016 Cantina Frentana Cococciola (Abruzzo) – Here’s something you don’t try every day. The Cococciola grape is believed to be peculiar to the Rocco San Giovanni region of Abruzzo. It produces a beautifully aromatic, dry white wine with notes of melon, pear, apple and herbs.

2. 2016 Fontnavecchia Aglianico Rosé (Campania) – Fontanavecchia is one of our favorite producers of Southern Italy, and this is a new one for us. The rugged and tannic Aglianico grape is made pretty by turning it into a dry rosé. A shade darker than many rosés and intensely flavored, this is dry pink wine to enjoy with richer fish and seafood dishes.

3. 2014 Vallana Barbera (Alto Piemonte) – It’s our new Case of the Month, and we can’t figure out how this wine retails for less than $15. From a winery that Wine Spectator called one of the Top 100 Producers on the Planet, this is pure, medium bodied, and lively red wine perfect for sipping with or without food. At $10.99/bottle on your solid case, you won’t find a better wine for the money and this has a track record for aging and improving.

Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine