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St. Patrick's Day Wine Tasting - Exploring the Green Wines of Portugal - Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 2:00 to 5:00

Who said you had to drink beer for St. Patty’s Day? Not us! Ever heard of Vinho Verde? It’s the most exported wine of Portugal and it literally translates as green wine – not because the wine is green colored, but because it’s a young wine. It comes in red, white and rosé, and we’re going to try them all. Wear something green and you won’t get pinched and you’ll get an automatic 10% discount off of your purchase for the day! Free to the people!

The Wines
Prices range from $8 to $14

1. Conde de Villars Vinho Verde Blanco
Super fresh, dry and slightly fizzy, this is the perfect wine to welcome in the spring. It tastes of fresh apple and citrus fruits, with nice little floral notes on the finish.

2. Conde de Villars Vinho Verde Rosato
This darker colored dry rosé is also slightly fizzy and tastes of freshly picked strawberry, raspberry, cherry and watermelon. We like to call it “Kool Aid for grown ups”!

3. Conde de Villars Vinho Verde Tinto
No fizz here folks, but there’s plenty of charm to this juicy, spicy, fruit packed red. It’s perfect for grillin’ and chillin’ or just plain drinkin’!