Best Free Wine Tasting - Asheville, North Carolina

South Asheville's Best Free Wine Tasting

The best way to learn about wine is to taste it, and we give you the opportunity to do exactly that every Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m. Even better, it’s free. Stop by, taste some wine and learn more about the wines you do and don’t like. The lineup of wines this week will include the following:

1. Il Conti Pinot Grigio – It doesn’t get much easier than this easy drinking Pinot Grigio from the northeastern part of the country. Dry and mouthwatering, it displays pretty little notes of melon, apple, pear and citrus fruits.

2. Villa Wolf Gewurztraminer – This is a charming white wine to say the least. “Gewurz” literally translates as spice, and Traminer is the village in northeastern Italy where it is believed that the grape originated. Almost dry, this one abounds in aromas and flavors of roses, spices and peach fruit.

3. Honora Vera Merlot – Merlot is the grape most people love to hate these days………taste this, and I think opinions will change. From the Juan Gil family estate in Jumilla, Spain, this is super-ripe and luscious, with notes of black cherry jam, blueberry and spicy mocha.

4. 2010 Perazzetta Erio – Here’s a value-priced Super Tuscan that tastes like on that would typically run you $35+. Primarily Sangiovese, with small doses of Cab, Merlot and Syrah, this is round, smooth and effortless to drink. Buy a bottle, fire up the grill, cook whatever type of meat suits your taste, and call it a night.