Perfectly aged red wines tasting at Table Wine in Asheville, North Carolina

Free Wine Tasting - Deconstructing Cabernet Sauvignon

Stop by the store every Saturday any time between 2 and 5 p.m. for an education and free wine tasting. This Saturday, we’ll deconstruct Cabernet Sauvignon and put it back together again. You may not know that Cabernet Sauvignon was created when Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc “mated” and created a new, singluar grape variety that is now one of the most popular in the world. “Mother Sauvignon Blanc” contributes herbal and acidic components while “Father Cabernet Franc” gives woodsy tobacco and dark currant notes. Join us as we examine and taste the parents and their offspring this Saturday.

We’ll start with the 2013 Domaine Ricard Touraine “Le Petiot”, a 100% Sauvignon Blanc-based wine from one of the leading producers in the appellation. Dry, tart, tangy and displaying classic herbaceousness, this is an invigorating and palate-awakening white wine. Next, the 2012 Marc Plouzeau Chinon “Rive Gauche” is all Cabernet Franc from France’s Loire Valley region. With dark cherry, currant, tobacco and mineral notes, this is a very distinctively delicious red wine. And last, but not least, the 2012 Finca Sophenia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva from Mendoza, Argentina is a classic, European-styled Cabernet Sauvignon that exhibits notes of dark berries, roasted herb, and toasty oak. We’ll see you this Saturday for a tremendous opportunity to taste, learn and save.

Tasting wines are 10% off by the bottle, 15% off when you mix any six of them and 20% off if you mix twelve!

The Wines
Prices range from $12 to $22 per bottle

1. 2013 Domaine Ricard Touraine Blanc “Le Petiot”
(Loire Valley, France)

2. 2012 Marc Plouzeau Chinon “Rive Gauche”
(Loire Valley, France)

3. 2012 Finca Sophenia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva
(Mendoza, Argentina)