Best Free Wine Tasting Table Wine Asheville North Carolina.

Free Saturday Wine Tasting - Saturday, February 2

Join us this Saturday and every Saturday from 2:00 to 5:00 to taste and learn about wine in a fun, educational and unpretentious setting. Like most of our Saturday tastings, the price range is $7 to $15 across four different wines, and we’ve got some newbies to try with you. We’ll start with a “declassified” Orvieto from the top small family producer of this wine in Umbria before heading into a friendly, red fruited, peppery spiced red from Spain. After that, we’ll show you that not all Sicilian red wines are overly alcoholic fruit bombs before ending the tasting with a big, sexy Petite Sirah from the good old US of A. It promises to be a fun and adventurous afternoon, and it’s free to the public.

The Wines
Prices range from $7 to $15

1. 2011 Palazzone Dubini Bianco (Umbria, Italy)
The Palazzone estate is considered by most to be the #1 small estate Orvieto producer, and their Dubini Bianco is consistently one of the great white wine values in the world. Light, dry and fresh, it is the perfect wine to replace Pinot Grigio for those looking for something new.

2. 2010 Coto de Hayas Garnacha/Syrah (Campo de Borja, Spain)
Spain continues to be home to some of the best red wine values in the world and the Campo de Borja region, just southeast of Rioja, has got to be one of the best value zones in the world. This one is a blend of 70% Garnacha and 30% Syrah fermented entirely in stainless steel, and the resulting wine is plump, juicy and spicy with a nice core of red berries and a subtle peppery nuance.

3. 2011 Case Ibidini Nero d’Avola (Sicily, Italy)
Case Ibidini is the entry level line of wines from Valle dell’Acate, one of Sicily’s top producers. Unlike many of the massive alcohol bomb Nero d’Avolas produced in Sicily, this is more medium bodied, balanced and friendly. Fragrant red berries, mint and earthy spice come together in this accessible, easygoing wine.

4. 2010 Spellbound Petite Sirah (Various Regions, California)
The Spellbound Cabernet Sauvignon was a hit last week end, so we figured it wouldn’t hurt to try you all out on the wine that put this producer on the map. Spellbound wines are made by Robert Mondavi, Jr. and they offer the consumer great bang for buck. Their Petite Sirah is a big, fleshy, pleasure bent wine loaded with ripe blueberry and raspberry fruit, complimented by notes of flowers, exotic spices and earthy accents.