Table Wine Extreme Value Six-Pack

Free Saturday Wine Tasting - Out Of Place Grapes

This Saturday, March 8th from 4 to 7 p.m. — Free to the public! — Join us this and every Saturday for our weekly free wine tasting! This week, we’re getting “out there” a bit, as we pour you a trio of wines made with grapes that are a bit “out of place.” Ever had a Friulano from California? How about a Pinot Noir from South Africa, or a Cabernet blend from Italy’s Veneto region? Young and passionate producers are taking more chances now than ever, working with grapes that aren’t traditional to their particular place. And they’re doing it very well!

For those who joined us a couple of Friday’s back for the Hobo Wine Company tasting, we’ve got a new one from Kenny that we absolutely adore. Based on Italy’s native Friulano grape, Kenny’s comes from a vineyard in Mendocino, and it is a light, juicy, pear and lemon scented porch pounder. After that, we’ll head to South Africa to let you taste a delicate, smoke and red fruit scented and flavored Pinot Noir that will have many thinking of Burgundy. Last but not least, we’ll hit you with a “BIG” wine from the Tezza family, one of our favorite Amarone producers. They like to blend the traditional Corvina grape with Cabernet Sauvignon, and the result is nothing less than stunning! Find us a more “stuffed” red wine for under $15 than this one. It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be informative, so come taste and learn with us, one sip at a time.

The Wines
All tasting wines are 10% off by the bottle or 15% off if you mix any six of them.

1. 2013 Folk Machine Tocai Friulano
(Mendocino, California)

2. 2012 Newton Johnson “Felicité” Pinot Noir
(Hemel en Arde, South Africa)

3. 2012 Tezza Family Campo di Majoli Rosso
(Veneto, Italy)