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Free Saturday Wine Tasting - Italy: North vs. South

This Saturday, June 7th, 2014 from 2 to 5 p.m. — Stop by the store every Saturday any time between 2 and 5 p.m. for a free and educational wine tasting. This Saturday, Mike Tiano will be manning the tasting bar and pouring a lovely little quartet of Italian wines. Two of the wines come from Alberto Cordero di Montezemolo’s Piedmont Wine Project (that’s the Northern part of the tasting) and the other two wines come from Gaetana Jacono’s Valle dell’Acate Winery in Sicily (that’s the Southern part of the tasting). Come learn how a region’s climate and geography play a role in the flavor and style of the wine. Table Wine’s Free Saturday Tasting, it’s always a great way to “try before you buy” and save some serious bucks on some seriously delicious and affordable wines.

Don’t forget, all Saturday tasting wines are 10% off by the bottle and 15% off when you mix any six of them, and 20% off when you mix any twelve of them!

The Wines
(Prices range from $12 to $15)

1. 2012 Valle dell’Acate “Case Ibidini” Insolia (Sicily) – The lovely Gaetana Jacono runs one of Sicily’s finest estates, and her Insolia or Inzolia makes for a great cocktail, aperitif, or warming up for dinner kind of white wine. Nice lemon, apple, mixed citrus, and mineral zip make this the perfect white to cool down with on a warm day.

2. 2012 Piedmont Wine Project Bianco “Asinel” (Piemonte) – The white from this fun and free spirited project is made up of a Cortese, Arneis and Dry Moscato. The resulting wine is highly aromatic and packed with lovely, floral accented, peach, apricot, and golden apple notes. It’s hard not to have a second glass of this one!

3. 2012 Piedmont Wine Project Rosso “Gambai” (Piemonte) – The red is a blend of the familiar Barbera grape and the less familiar and highly aromatic Ruche and Pelaverga grapes. Bursting with fresh raspberry, cherry, a touch of spice and light tannin, this juicy, thirst-quenching red disappears quickly.

4. 2012 Valle dell’Acate “Case Ibidini” Nero D’Avola (Sicily) – Jacono does incredible things with Nero d’Avola, the most planted and arguably most important Sicilian red grape. Juicy, red fruited, and flowing across the palate effortlessly, this is just pure, unbridled deliciousness.