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Free Saturday Wine Tasting - French Selections From Importer Charles Neal

The “Euro-Wine Love Party”continues on Saturday as my good friend John McCarthy, from Proof Wine and Spirits, joins us to pour an incredible batch of French wines from importer Charles Neal. Charles is a super cool guy based out of San Francisco, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had a wine of his I didn’t like. His entire portfolio consists of wines from small to medium sized family owned and operated estates from all over France, and he was just simply born with a great palate.

We’ll start with a simply delicious and affordable white from southwestern France before we step up to an absolutely dazzling Sancerre from the highly respected Daulny estate. After that, we’ll hit you with a Fer Servadou-based wine from the Marcillac region of France before wrapping things up with a big, juicy, full bodied Rasteau from the Southern Rhone Valley. How many other local shops are pouring Sancerre and/or Rasteau this Saturday? My guess would be none, so figure out a way to get here to taste and learn about wine, one sampling at a time.

The Wines
All tasting wines are 10% off by the bottle or 15% off if you mix any six of them.

1. 2012 Domaine Duffour Cotes de Gascogne
(Southwestern France)

2. 2012 Domaine Daulny Sancerre
(Loire Valley, France)

3. 2011 Domaine des Costes Rouges Marcillac
(Southwestern France)

4. 2011 Domaine Coteaux des Travers Rasteau
(Rhone Valley, France)