Free on Fridays - Pinot Family Reunion Tasting

Free on Fridays - Pinot Family Reunion Tasting

The Best Free Wine Tasting in Asheville – It’s a Pinot Family Reunion! – This Friday, September 4th from 2-7 p.m. – The Pinot family of grapes is a diverse and distinctive one that is responsible for the production of world class whites, roses, reds, and sparkling wines. From Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanc in the white wine category to Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in the red wine category, it’s hard to believe that all of these grapes descended from one source (Pinot Noir). Stop by any time between 2-7 p.m. this Friday as we bring several of the grapes together for a Pinot Family Reunion. Taste, learn, and save up to 20% off on all of the tasting wines.

The Wines

1. 2014 Giocato Pinot Grigio (Brda, Slovenia) – Mark our words, this is the best under $15 Pinot Grigio on the market. From vineyards just across the border from Friuli, Italy, the wine is made by the talented Edi Simcic, one of the region’s superstars. Richer, rounder, and more flavorful than most Pinot Grigios in this price range, it reminds us more of Alsatian or Oregon Pinot Gris. Ripe pear, nectarine, apple and spice notes abound in this tremendous value priced wine.

2. 2013 Pfluger Pinot Blanc “Quarzit” (Pfalz, Germany) – Pinot Blanc yields a white wine that is typically full in body, flavor, and texture. A great alternative to Chardonnay, the version from this small, biodynamic farm in the warm Pfalz region of Germany is fermented entirely dry, or trocken as the Germans call it. Bordering on creamy, this spicy-rich white is rich and beautifully textured with a nice mix of golden fruits, herbs, and just a touch of mineral.

3. 2013 Vina Leyda Pinot Noir (Leyda Valley, Chile) – Pinot Noir is the “mother” of the Pinot family, and it is one of the world’s greatest grapes. Finicky in the vineyard and most at home in cooler climates, this one comes from coastal Chilean vineyards. The cool ocean breezes provide for a perfect environment for these vineyards, and this is one of the best under $15 Pinots we’ve ever stocked. Medium bodied, silky in texture, and sporting a nose and palate of ripe dark cherry, strawberry, plum, and earthy spice, this will please even the pickiest Pinot palates.