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Free Dry Rose Tasting - Friday, May 4

Friday, May 4th from 4-7pm – Spring has finally decided to join us, and that means its time for a Free Dry Rose Tasting — yee hah! Stop by the store this Friday to sample some of our favorite new pink wines. Just stop by — we’ve got plenty of free parking.

Dry rose is all the rage, and for good reason. Why you ask? First, because it’s delicious, refreshing, and uplifting. Second, it’s DRY……key word there folks. We still have people who won’t drink the stuff because they associate any pink wine with White Zinfandel, Lancers, and/or Mateus. The wines we’re pitching and pouring are nothing like those. Finally, the last and most important reason to drink rose is because it’s spring, and summer is just around the corner. We tend to like these wines all year long, but dry roses do taste especially good on warm and sunny days. And we’ve got a bunch of those coming up. Taste, learn, SAVE BIG every Friday at Table Wine.

1. 2017 Isle Saint-Pierre Rose (Rhone Valley, France) – This is one of the freshest and brightest roses we’ve ever tasted from the Southern Rhone. From an organic, family owned and operated estate, the blend here is Cab Franc, Merlot, Arinarona (Merlot x Petit Verdot), and Petit Verdot. Don’t stress over the blend — just taste the wine. It’s zesty, herbaceous, and real good.

2. 2017 Garofoli Rosato Komaros (Le Marche, Italy) – This stuff is silly good! 100% Montepulciano fermented off the skins, it pours a glorious, electric pink color and smells and tastes of good stuff. Think watermelon, fresh raspberry, spring flowers, and other stuff like that. DEE-LISH!

3. 2017 Banshee Rose (Mendocino County, California) – Banshee knocked it outta’ the park again with their rose. A combination of Grenache, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Barbera, from assorted organic and biodynamic sites in Mendocino County, it’s eerily complex and detailed for a rose. Super zesty (that’s means there’s lots of acidity here) and laced with green strawberry, melon, peach pit, and green herb notes, there’s a lot going on here.

Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine