Table Wine Extreme Value Six-Pack

Drink Pink - Saturday's Free Wine Tasting - Saturday, May 11th., 2013 - 2-5 pm

Join us each and every Saturday at our tasting bar to sample a great batch of “Tuesday Night Wines”. These are delicious and affordable and perfect for drinking any night of the week with or without food. We’re here to help you learn and understand wine, not to intimidate you, so leave your worries and insecurities at the door!

This week, we’re pouring nothing but dry, pink wines from all over the world. Do not confuse these with super sweet White Zinfandels as they are about as similar to that type of wine as a McDonald’s buger is to a dry aged ribeye. Dry rosé wines are one of the largest growth segments of wine in the United States and we do a thriving business with them this time of year. They are typically made out of red grape varietals that see just a brief skin/juice contact which gives them their light pink color. With a good rosé, you’ll get some of the red fruit character of a red wine combined with the refreshing, mouthwatering traits of a white wine. They make for great porch/patio pounders and work equally well with fresh farmer’s market veggies, seafood, chicken and pork. Join as we go pink this Saturday! Free to the people!

The Wines
Prices range from $9 to $19!

1. 2012 Laurent Miquel Cinsault/Syrah
(Languedoc/Roussillon, France)

2. 2012 Vecchia Torre Leverano Rosato
(Puglia, Italy)

3. 2012 Domaine Salvard Cheverny Rosé
(Loire Valley, France)

4. 2012 Domaine St. Lucie “MIP” Rosé
(Provence, France)

Purchase any 6+ bottles of the tasting wines and we’ll give you 15% off!