BB's Buddies Wine Tasting Benefit

545 Wine Tasting - Portugal

Taste 5 wines for $5………..get it? This Friday, February 3, we’ll explore the new breed of Portuguese still wine. When we say “still wine”, we mean wines that are fermented dry and not fortified………..thus no Port or Madeira for this tasting. This will be a fun and eye and palate opening experience for many, and we’ll sample some good values along with some more “premium” offerings.

As is always the case, the tasting is free for Grape Nuts – if you’re not sure what the heck that is, click here. The tasting runs from 4:00 to 7:00 and all wines will be offered by the glass as well. The wines we will be tasting are below.

1. Qunita da Romeira Arinto – The Arinto grape is native to Portugal and produces dry and fragrant white wines that are somewhat reminiscent of dry Riesling or Albarino. This one make a wonderful aperitif and works equally well with seafood dishes or spice fare.

2. Heredade do Esporao White Reserva – This wins our award for one of the best Portuguese whites we’ve ever tasted and it comes from one of Portugal’s most cutting edge producers. A blend of Arinto, Roupeiro and Antao Vaz (what the heck are those?) that sees some aging in French oak, this is full bodied, full flavored wine that will remind some of a rich and buttery Chardonnay.

3. Paolo Laureano Vale da Torre “Bin 717” – From Alentejo in southern Portugal comes this delicious, modern red wine made by one of Portugal’s top oenologists. It blends Aragones and Trincadeira to create a full bodied, fruit filled red wine with side notes of coffee and mocha.

4. Enostas do Douro Palestra – This one hails from the Douro Valley, the heart and soul of Portugal’s wine country. A blend of 40% Tinta Franca, 40% Tinta Roriz and 20% Tinta Barroca this is a lush, supple, full red wine that will have you thinking it costs $20+……………but it doesn’t!

5. Quinta do Penedo Dao Tinto – This is big, strapping, tannic red wine that you would easily pay $30 to $40 for if it were from anywhere but Portugal. A blend of 70% Touriga Nacional and 30% Alfrocheiro, this one is packed with blueberry and blackberry fruit, with complex notes of roasted meat, smoke and spice. Get ready to brush your teeth with Sensodyne tooth paste after tasting this one because the enamel is going to be stripped!