Table Wine Extreme Value Six-Pack

545 Wine Tasting - Exploring Italian Wines

We’re feeling like supporting another fellow North Carolina resident this week. Last week, we tasted wines from Chapel Hill based importer Andre Tamer’s portfolio and this week, we’ll be featuring wines from Durham based importer Jay Murrie’s collection. His company, Piedmont Wine Imports, is packed with delicious tasting wines from tiny, organic/biodynamic, family estates from various regions of Italy. We are excited to be selling these wines and working with such a passionate person. You don’t want to miss this one! $5/person…..Free for Grape Nuts. Here’s the lineup:

The Wines
Prices range from $14 to $20

1. 2010 Orsolani Erbaluce “La Rustia”
This isn’t one of Jay’s wines, but I think he would approve. This is white wine nirvana for me! Come by and we’ll tell you all about this obscure little grape from Italy’s Piemonte region.

2. 2011 Case Ibidini Insolia
Also not Jay’s, but we’re just getting started with him. Insolia is native to Sicily and it produces a white wine full of energetic, minerally goodness.

3. 2010 Castellina Chianti Montalbano
Jay’s wines start with this gorgeous rendition of Chianti from a certified organic estate. Pure, vibrant and packed with classic cherry and red berry notes.

4. NV Caparsa Rosso di Caparsa
Proprietor Paolo Cianferoni drinks a liter of wine every day and says his wines have to be made in a healthy way. Certified organic, pure Sangiovese goodness.

5. 2010 La Casaccia Freisa di Monferrato “Monfiorenza”
Freisa is one of the many obscure but delicious grapes of Piemonte. Giovanni Rava is the man behind this wine and his vineyards are certified organic. This is the type of wine I could drink all day – fresh, floral, spicy and chuggable!