Best Free Wine Tasting - Asheville, North Carolina

545 Wine Tasting - Big Red Monsters

We understand folks, many of you like big, rich, high viscosity red wines and this tasting is for you! When talking about the body of a wine, it’s nifty to compare it to the different types of milk – skim milk being light bodied, 2% being medium bodied and whole being full bodied.

We’ll try nothing but the “whole” variety, but we ain’t drinking milk! See you Friday, February 24 from 4 to 7 p.m. – cost for the tasting is $5/person or free if you’re a Grape Nut.

1. Marietta Old Vine “Lot 56” – This blend of eight or so different grapes (mainly Zin) is like drinking the equivalent of raspberry/pepper jam. It is full of flavor and regarded as one of California’s top red wine values every year.

2. Mas Sorrer Montsant – No, Montsant isn’t a grape, but it is a place where grapes grow! This blend of Cab, Merlot and Syrah is going to be a real crowd pleaser. It is rich, round and ripe………the three “R’s” of wine!

3. Chateau de Brondeau Bordeaux – If you couldn’t make good wine in Bordeaux in 2009, it’s time to change jobs. Warm and dry weather resulted in concentrated, deep red wines at all price levels……….this one happens to be a stellar value.

4. Decero Malbec – This wine truly embraces the theme of this tasting………….rich, low acid/low tannin, ripe fruit, chocolaty oak and spice and on and on. This is the kind of wine that Robert Parker goes crazy about……….will you?

5. Mystery Wine – You knew you weren’t getting away without at least one “brown bagged” wine. What will it be???