Tommaso Bussola Baby Amarone

Tommaso Bussola Baby Amarone

Like Amarone, but hate paying the price? The Tommaso Bussola Baby Amarone is the answer to that problem!
From a marvelous vintage in the Veneto, and made by one of the superstars of the region, this Valpolicella Ripasso offers up Amarone-like style and power at a fraction of the price. I just bought the last 10 cases of this one, and I’m dealing deep on it. Here’s the deal: 

Bussola Valpolicella Ripasso Ca del Laito

2013 Tomasso Bussola Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso “Ca’ del Laito”

Baby Amarone At A Great Price

This vintage is sold out. Please stop by or click here to order the newest vintage in our online store.

When Veneto and Amarone legend Giuseppe Quintarelli was asked years ago to name the region’s next superstar, he didn’t hesitate: Tommaso Bussola. Today, that prediction is being fully realized, as Tommaso makes some of the region’s best wines. With Vintage 2013 being rated one of the highest in the past 20 years by the Wine Advocate, this wine is a great way to experience one of Bussola’s wines without breaking the bank.

Let me make this simple. This wine is better than a lot of $40+ Amarone! It combines the richness and density of Bussola’s Amarone with the freshness and suppleness of a “regular” Valpolicella.

Bussola says the key to this wine’s success is the old vines and the low yields he gets from his ancient clones. When discussing Amarone, people rarely talk about the grapes that go into the wine, but I think that deserves mentioning. This one is a traditional blend of 50% Corvinone, 25% Corvina, and 25% Rondinella. Corvinone, in particular, is quite rare today because of its low yields and finicky growing habits. Yet, Tommaso claims it is the Corvinone that gives his wines their depth. He calls it the “Super Corvina,” saying that it produces stronger, denser, richer, more perfumed wines. I concur with the master on this statement!

For this wine, fermentation takes place in stainless steel, then the juice is moved into French oak barriques that contain the skins and lees of Bussola’s Amarone where it undergoes malolactic fermenation and ageing. The contact with the Amarone must (Ripasso means re-pass) gives the wine more color, flavor concentration, and a richer and fuller texture. The resulting wine is fat and opulent with notes of dark berries, plum, exotic spices, and hints of dark chocolate. Full bodied, yet round and plush with velvety tannins, this is a complete knockout! Enjoy it over the next 3 to 5 years on cool nights and/or with hearty meals — think stew, osso bucco, and other yummy things like that.

Like I said before, we ordered the last 120 bottles of this for the state. That may seem like a lot of wine, but a number of Bussola fans are going to jump on this offer. Cheers and happy drinking and eating in Asheville!

This vintage is sold out. Please stop by or click here to order the newest vintage in our online store.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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