2020 Benoit Cantin Irancy Rouge

Thought-Provoking Red Burgundy: 2020 Benoit Cantin Irancy Rouge

Benoit Cantin Irancy Rouge

Benoit Cantin is one of just 50 active vignerons in the tiny appellation of Irancy. The AOC is just southwest of Chablis, and these are some of the northern-most vineyards for Pinot Noir production. Much like Sancerre Rouge, the reds of Irancy have long been adored by Parisians due to its close proximity to Paris.

I can say that up until 10 to 15 years ago, the wines were, shall we say, a bit of an acquired taste. Lean, green, and mean, the Irancy reds of the past were not the greatest. Today, the wines are a better than ever, no doubt due to the string of hot and sunny vintages the region has experienced. Burgundy Lovers like myself are snatching these up with reckless abandon.

We've got 84 bottles of this gem of a Red Burgundy from the hot, dry, and sunny 2020 vintage. Simply put, it is sensational! Buy some before I buy it all for myself :) 

2020 Benoit Cantin Irancy Rouge -- Here's why you should buy it:

  • Cantin is oft-regarded as the best producer in the AOC. His wines display a rustic elegance, an earthy and Burgundian soulfulness, and a structure and depth well above their humble price points.
  • It displays a wonderful sense of place (terroir) and typicity. Grown in the same Kimmeridgian limestone soils as Chablis, there's great minerality and freshness here.
  • The flavors are impeccable and classic as well. Ripe cherry, blood orange, spices, rose petal, and freshly cracked pepper can all be found in this silky, supple, and soulful Red Burgund.
  • Imported by Kermit Lynch, one of our country’s best curators of Burgundy, it's the cheapest way to get a "Kermit-imported" Red Burg into your glass :)

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