Time Place Wine Co. Pinot Noir 2022

The Prettiest Little Pinot Noir: 2022 Time Place Wine Wine Co. Pinot Noir

Brand new to the shop and to North Carolina, the debut vintage of Time Place Wine Co.'s Pinot Noir is utterly beautiful. 

Is it the best sub-$30 Pinot Noir in the shop. I say YES, and I highly advise you to act with urgency here. Only 300 cases were produced, and I took my 10 case allocation with glee. I literally tasted this one yesterday, bought a pile, and rushed home to write it up while it was still fresh on my mind.

This is a wine that has got a lot going for it. Beautiful label, wonderful story, talented winemaker, and most importantly, a ton of quality-to-price ratio. Keep reading, it just gets better. 

Time Place Wine Co Pinot Noir

2022 Time Place Wine Co. Pinot Noir Santa Barbara 

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That's one pretty label, wouldn't you say? I often find attractively-labeled bottles to contain mundane and superficial juice, but that's definitely not the case here. All of the label art for the Time Place Wine Co. wines are photos that have been taken by artist John Duckworth of John's Island. Each piece captures a specific time, place, and moment of nature in the Low Country of South Carolina.

In equal measure, the Time Place Wine Co. wines are inspired by the fact that wine is a perfect reflection of time and place, the culmination of climate and season, site, and study. It's a reminder that wine is a product of nature, and humans can only do so much to shape them. I subscribe to this philosophy, I love this wine, and this one is "shaped" by quite a talented guy.

Winemaker Jamey Whetstone has quite the resume. He moved to California in 1996 to manage Mustard's Grill and by 1998, he was working alongside Ehren Jordan at Turley. He also enjoyed a summer sabbatical at Domaine Dujac, one of the finest estates in Burgundy, where he learned the intricacies of Pinot Noir. His experience and skill are on full display here.

This is a very complete and immensely likable Pinot Noir sourced from top sites throughout Santa Barbara County. It has a serious "wow nose" that showcases floral-infused raspberry, dark cherry, orange pekoe tea, and blood orange. Gracious and giving on the palate, it possesses silky tannins and a "way long" finish that just seems to go on and on.

If you know me, you know I'm quite particular about my Pinot Noirs, and this one seriously rocked my world. To be able to offer it up at such a great price brings me great joy, and this wine will bring you equally great joy.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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