2022 Domaine Vincent Stoeffler Pinot Blanc

Terrific Turkey Day White: Vincent Stoeffler Pinot Blanc

The young Vincent Stoeffler is one of the most talented young vignerons in Alsace. Pinot Blanc is always a good place to test the waters in Alsace -- if a producer makes good Pinot Blanc, it's worth pursuing their other wines.

Stoeffler makes Pinot Blanc like a champion! Highly aromatic, fleshy, dry and zesty, it is my pick for the top Thanksgiving white we're offering this year. It offers up heady notes of white peach, mango, apricot, white flowers, and spice. 

Quite cerebral while at the same time highly drinkable, it just gets better from here. Keep reading :)

Vincent Stoeffler Pinot Blanc

2022 Domaine Vincent Stoeffler Pinot Blanc

Josh's pick for Top Thanksgiving White of 2023! 

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Vincent Stoeffler is part of a new generation of young Alsatian growers and producers who are well educated, highly skilled, and deeply committed to the health of the environment. His estate, located in the village of Barr, has been certified organic since 2002, and Vincent also works according to the principles of biodynamics. 

Vincent makes his wines in a way that checks a lot of boxes for me. Organic and practicing biodynamic, old vines, harvests are always done by hand, native yeast fermentations, and slow fermentations in large oak vats, with extended aging on the lees.

It's this meticulous attention to detail and patience that goes into all of the best wines in the world, and Stoeffler's Pinot Blanc offers amazing quality-to-price ratioWords don't do it justice, you need to get this home and into your glass. The wine's yin-yang combination of exotic richness and vibrant acidity make it a natural fit with the Thanksgiving feast. I could keep going, but I think you all get the point....

Just 7 cases made their way to Western North Carolina this vintage, and they are all located at your friendly neighborhood wine shop :), aka Table Wine. Get after it...this one will go fast!

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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