Chantepierre Cotes du Rhone

Serious Cotes du Rhone Value - Domaine de Chantepierre

The 2016 Domaine de Chantepierre is a serious Cotes du Rhone Value and one of the best red wine deals I’ve encountered this year! I tasted this one with Henri Gabriel, owner of Advintage Distributing, about a month ago while in Charleston.

From the first sniff, I knew I was going to buy this wine. Why? Because it literally lit up every olfactory receptor in my being. Lovely warm and ripe berry fruits, a whiff of pepper and Provencal herbs just exploded out of the glass. I took a sip. Wow! Concentrated and mouth-filling, yet supple and soft.

Domaine de Chantepierre Cotes du Rhone

2016 Domaine de Chantepierre Cotes du Rhone

Big, bold, broad-shouldered CDR at a great price!

This vintage is sold out. Click here to check out the current release in our online store.

If you know me, you know I love me some Cotes du Rhone. This is one of the best I’ve ever found for less than $15. One of the most versatile red wines out there, it’s ideal for sipping solo or for pairing with all sorts of different dishes. From grilled meats and stews to burgers and sausages, it just makes everything taste better.

A classic blend of 60% Grenache, 25% Syrah and 15% Mourvedre, this one is fermented entirely in stainless steel to preserve purity and freshness. Upon pouring, the wine shows a nice deep color and the nose is rich and decadent with notes of kirsch, cassis, plum, spice and rosemary. The palates shows a similar flavor profile, but it’s the texture of the wine that most impressed me. Possessing ripe and fine grained tannin and relatively low acidity, this Cote du Rhone value glides across the palate seamlessly.

Oh yeah, what about the producer? In case you didn’t know, we specialize in wines from family-run wineries, and this is certainly one of those. Domaine de Chantepierre has belonged to Christian Paly’s family for over 500 years! That’s all? In all seriousness, this passing down of the land and the vineyards from generation to generation is the primary reason that this estate makes consistently great wines. The family knows the land, the grapes, the climate, and how to overcome the many challenges encountered by grape farmers. They certainly figured it out in this vintage!

This vintage is sold out. Click here to check out the current release in our online store.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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