Tetu Grenache 2015

Ripe, Sexy, and Voluptuous: 2015 Tetu Wine Company Grenache

SOLD OUT! The village of Maury in France's Roussillon region is home to some seriously old Grenache vines, and that's what you get with the 2015 Tetu Grenache. Produced from 60- to 80 year-old vines grown in the tough and rocky soils of Maury, this is an absolute joy to drink, and it will appeal to both New and Old World wine lovers! Even better, this monstrous red has been aged for us, and it's drinking in peak form.

Maury is a very special spot for Grenache. Right in the heart of French Catalonia, not far from the border with Spain, the region's specialty is deep, rich, and mineralic, Grenache-based reds. You'll be hard-pressed to find a better example than this one, and we've got 72 bottles to offer you all at one of the best prices in the country. 

Tetu Grenache

2015 Tetu Wine Company Grenache 

Full-bodied, supple, and pure pleasure wine from Southern France! 


I forgot to mention that both Jeb Dunnuck and the Wine Advocate loved this one just as much as I did. Dunnuck said it was the "the finest wine I’ve tasted from this estate"  and that "it offers a deep purple color to go with ripe, sexy aromas of black raspberries, melted licorice, roasted herbs, and ground pepper." The Wine Advocate shared Jeb's enthusiasm, describing Tetu as "medium to full-bodied, supple and sexy style that's about as drinkable as they come." Just in case you need a second and third opinion :)

Tetu literally translates as obstinate or unyielding, like the Catalan donkey or Ruc Catala on the label. This is to remind the drinker of the stubborn, determined old vines that persevere in these toughest of soils and harshest of climates. From difficult sites and conditions come unique and expressive wines, and this wine is all about Grenache grown under the hot sun in rocky soils.

Born of a shared devotion to Maury's ancient Grenache vines, Tetu is a collaboration between Richard Case, the guru behind the quality of the Department 66 wines, and American importer Kimberly Jones. Working alongside local growers, they were able to select from the area's finest vineyards. The minimum age of vines is 60 years, but some of the "stuff" that goes into this bottle is from vines that just eclipsed 80 years of age. These low-yielding vines deliver a wine with loads of depth, minerality, and potent dark fruit flavors.

How's it drinking at 8 years of age? LIKE A DREAM! I honestly think this wine probably needed a few years to come together, as it is quite inky, intense, and powerful still. Possessing the ripe and generous fruit of a Chateauneuf du Pape combined with the minerality and exotic character of a Priorat, this is a heavenly bottle of wine that will transport you to Southern France minus the airfare.

After tasting this one last week with my sales rep, I bought the remaining 72 bottles. For fans of world-class Grenache, do not snooze on this offer. Those 72 bottles will be gone fast, and there is no more of the 2015 to be had.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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