Nortico Alvarinho 2018

Refreshing Portuguese Albarino - 2018 Nortico Alvarinho

SOLD OUT! Delicious Albarino doesn’t just come from Spain. When you taste the Nortico Alvarinho, from Portugal’s northernmost vineyards, you’ll agree with me!

Just to clarify, Alvarinho and Albarino are the same grape. The Portuguese call it Alvarinho and the Spaniards call it Albarino. Whatever you want to call it, the grape is responsible for some of each country’s top white wines.

Nortico Alvarinho 2018

2018 Nortico Alvarinho

One of The Top Albarino/Alvarinho Values in the World!


This easily competes with and might even outshine a lot of $20 Spanish Albarinos. If you know and love Spanish Albarino, dive right in to a bottle of Nortico. From vineyards planted on the south bank of the Minho River, with vines planted as far back as 2010, this is a real gem of a white wine.

And it’s my pick as a perfect summer white. First and foremost, it’s more than affordable. Who wants to spend loads of money when you’re just looking for something crisp, refreshing, and delicious? Nobody does! Equally important is the fresh and vibrant character that is abundantly present here. When it’s hot out, you don’t want big, fat, creamy, oaky flavors to weigh you down. There’s no oak, no butter, no heaviness here at all. Finally, the alcohol level is a touch lower, and I always look for that in summer wines. At only 12.5 % alcohol, Nortico is light and delicate, lovely as a “porch-sipping wine” to drink on its own.

Although delightful and easy to drink, this is far from a “simple” wine. What I love about this wine is its sheer “crushability” combined with its moderate complexity. It offers up luscious aromas of peach, intense citrus oils/zest, lemongrass and passion fruit. On the palate, it’s bright and zesty with complex mineral tones and zippy acidity. Enjoy it nicely chilled with salads and fresh shellfish or skip the food and sip away.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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