Red Burgundy Extreme Value: 2020 Capitain-Gagnerot Bourgogne Rouge

Red Burgundy Extreme Value: 2020 Capitain-Gagnerot Bourgogne Rouge

On sale through 12/24/23 -- Just 72 bottles up for grabs -- Consistently my pick for the top Red Burgundy value in the world, the 2020 Capitain-Gagnerot Bourgogne Rouge does not disappoint.

From the hot and dry 2020 vintage, one in which the vines had to work hard to survive, their struggle is our reward. A lovely crop of intensely-flavored, perfectly-ripened grapes led to wines like this. 

Medium-bodied, silky, and incredibly satisfying, this is a great introduction to Red Burgundy, but it will also appeal to Burgundy veterans and fanatics. Just 72 bottles up for grabs...that's the entire WNC allocation. 

2020 Maison Capitain-Gagnerot Bourgogne Rouge

Sophisticated Red Burgundy at a more-than-fair price!

Buy a Solid Six-Pack or More: $28.99/bottle -- over 20% off!

Anything Less: $32.99 ($36.99 regular price)

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Allen Meadows of Burghound summed up the Capitain-Gagnerot house style very well with 8 words. “The Capitain style is one of understated purity.” Wiser words have rarely been spoken. A wine that transports you to a sunny day in Beaune, it really captures the spirit of Red Burgundy in a big way.

From a single plot of Pinot Noir planted in 1952, farmed biodynamically since 1998, these healthy, low-yielding vines give us a wine that is perfumed, supple, and oh-so delightful. There's an easy-drinking quality about this one, but there's also a contemplative one. That's a signature trait of all great wines, imho...

What does it taste and smell like? In my opinion, Heaven. Every time I open a bottle of this one, the aroma that wafts out of the glass puts a huge smile on my face. It smells of ripe cherries and raspberries, but then there’s a wonderful note of brown spices, autumn forest floor, black tea, and minerals.

On the palate, the wine is concentrated with flavor, but light to medium in body, and seamless in texture. The finish is long and keeps calling you back for another sniff and sip. Proceed with caution, because bottle #2 is sitting in your wine rack :)

Whether you love Red Burgundy or want to be introduced to it splendors, this is the wine you need in your glass next. Enjoy with roast chicken, pork tenderloin, or keep it simple with a baguette, some ham, and a wedge of brie. You'll have a joyous evening!

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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