Gunther Chereau Muscadet Anima Mea

Magical Muscadet: 2020 Gunther-Chereau Muscadet 'Anima Mea'

Veronique Gunther's Muscadets are all the rage in France and Western Europe, and for good reason. Her Anima Mea Muscadet is all about purity and precision, and this bone-dry white is ideal served next to oysters, mussels, and other creatures of the sea. We were one of the first East Coast retailers to feature this wine, and we're just as happy with the '20 as we were with the '19.

When I tasted this one a few weeks back, I was nearly brought to my knees with vinous joy. This is unlike any other Muscadet I've ever tasted, and that is a good thing. Veronique has her own unique "recipe," and I like what she's got cooking....I mean fermenting!

Gunther-Chereau Muscadet 'Anima Mea'

2020 Domaine Gunther-Chereau Muscadet 'Anima Mea' 

Crystalline, bone-dry, and mineralic white from a rising star producer!

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I'm going to start the conversation with a controversial statement -- this drinks like Cru Chablis. I will not back off of that statement either. Have you checked Premier Cru Chablis prices recently? I have, and they are higher than ever. Veronique Gunther has the touch with the Melon grape, and she coaxes out flavors and textures rarely encountered in the Muscadet AOC.

The estate's old vines, commitment to organic and biodynamic farming, and long aging on the lies all contribute to the success of this wine. 'Anima Mea' loosely translates to 'soul,' and this is a super soulful white wine produced from a vineyard located at the confluence of the Sevre and Maine Rivers. One of the oldest and most respected sites in the region, it yields a white wine with serious "WOW FACTOR!"

That pedigree of site and producer is clearly evident from the first sniff to the last sip. I was immediately hit with concentrated and zesty notes of Bosc pear, ripe citrus, lemon zest, and oyster shell minerality. This is not your simple, foursquare Muscadet. Far from it! It was even better on the palate, with ripe aromas of apple, tangerine, pineapple, and white flowers, but that persistent Loire Valley minerality kicked in on the finish. 

Like Pepiere's Clos des Briords Muscadet, which I consider to be the benchmark Muscadet, this is world-class Muscadet at a great price. Gunther's Anima Mea is definitely a bit fleshier and riper on the palate, but it still possesses that classic tension that great Muscadet is known for. 

Since featuring this last year, I've seen a lot of other retailers I respect latching onto this one. Get some before it becomes scarce, and the price goes up.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville