Pontbriand Vaucluse 2021

Love Cotes du Rhone? Try This: Domaine Pontbriant Pays de Vaucluse

This sumptuous, fresh, and downright delicious French "country wine" has a lot to like! From vineyards scattered throughout the Southern Rhone, it's a blend of Grenache, Caladoc (more on that later), and Syrah that drinks a lot like ripe and spicy Cotes du Rhone. 

Domaine Pontbriand Vaucluse

2021 Domaine Pontbriant Pays de Vaucluse

Like a rich, ripe, and spicy Cotes du Rhone? Try this!  

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The Vaucluse IGP lies in the heart of the Southern Rhone and is home to famed AOC's like Chateauneuf du Pape, Vacqueyras, and Ventoux. The IGP (another name for Vin de Pays) gives growers more flexibility to experiment with other grape varieties and winemaking techniques that fall outside of the AOC-level appellation requirements. This freedom to "play around" with new grapes (and old ones) is leading to some fantastic wines and great values like this one. 

There isn't much info online about this producer, but I know an incredible value when I taste one. Domaine Pontbriant's delicious Vaucluse Rouge is bursting with notes of ripe red berries, hints of violet, and spicy and savory nuances too. Full, round, and juicy on the palate, this makes for both a great house red as well as one that loves comfort food staples like lamb burgers, barbecued chicken, and chili.

Grenache and Syrah are commonly seen in the reds of Southern France, but a grape you'll be seeing a lot more of is one called Caladoc. The grape originally came into existence in 1958 by crossing Grenache with Malbec. The  variety's natural resistance to coulure (aka shatter or poor fruit set) combined with the its high phenolic levels and desirable aromas and flavors make it a grape that more and more growers throughout Southern France are relying upon.

Fermented in stainless steel and concrete vats, the finished wine is a feast for the senses. The nose is a nice mix of strawberry with darker shades of black cherry, cassis, exotic spice, black pepper, and earth. Equally lovely on the palate, the flavors are a continuation of the aromas, and the texture is soft and smooth. Medium to full-bodied, balanced, and quite easy to drink, this is one of the best Southern Rhone values in the store.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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