Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrivé

Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrivé

Sold Out! It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time! This year’s batch of Beaujolais Nouveaux will arrive and be available for sale Thursday, November 17th! We did not think we would have any Nouveaux this year, but the shipment arrived on time, and we were able to snag 7 cases. That is all we will get this year.

Domaine du Vissoux Beaujolais Primeur Griottes

Not all Beaujolais Nouveaux are created equally. We only work with small, quality-minded producers like Martine and Pierre-Marie Chermette. This is a producer that farms organically, ferments with native yeasts, and maybe most importantly, they do not chaptalize (add sugar) to their wines.

Chaptalization is a legal practice in Beaujolais. It allows inferior producers to add sugar to their fermenting wine to help boost the alcohol level to where it has to be in order to carry the Beaujolais AOC on the label. The reason they do this is because they are picking their grapes early so that they can get their wines to market in time for Nouveau Day. 

The Chermettes never chaptalize their wines, they only pick their grapes when they are naturally ripe and possess the natural sugar levels necessary to ferment their wines to the level that is required by law. The resulting wines are deeper, richer, and more fully textured, but they are still fun and festive. Our customers always comment on how good this wine is, especially compared with the bigger commercial brands you'll see all over big box stores.

We have just one Beaujolais Nouveau to offer you this year, but it's a good one! Just 84 bottles are available, and it's first come, first served. 10% off if you buy 6 bottles, 20% off if you buy 12.

2021 Pierre-Marie Chermette Beaujolais Primeur ‘Pierre Chermette’ | $16.99/bottle
Martine and Pierre-Marie Chermette farm their vineyards with their hands and with a ton of passion. For their entry level Nouveau bottling, they include Gamay from 25 year old vines. This cuvée is the epitome of Beaujolais Nouveau! Yet it remains a very complete wine, with lovely aromas and flavors of fresh cherry, raspberry, and earth. A charming wine that lights up November! 

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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