2022 Castello di Verduno 'Basadone' Pelaverga

Josh's Secret "Wine Crush": Castello di Verduno 'Basadone' Pelaverga

Verduno's Pelaverga is 100% singular, 100% delicious, and I absolutely love it. With its spicy, red fruited character, it's such a joyful bottle of wine to smell and sip, and it would also make for a wonderful Thanksgiving red.

Castello di Verduno is one of the champions of the rare Pelaverga grape, one that is native to Italy's Piedmont region. In fact, they dedicated an entire vineyard to the grape back in 1972. Today, they masterfully craft this light-bodied yet full-flavored red wine.

This is a rare treat folks, and if you want to taste a red wine that really rings my bell, get some of this. Just 60 bottles up for grabs, and I have no idea how it will be received. Keep reading, it just gets better!    

Verduno Basadone Pelaverga

2022 Castello di Verduno 'Basadone' Pelaverga

Josh's "Freakout Wine"....get some before he buys it all! 

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Pelaverga can best be described as deliciously fine, elegant, spicy, floral, and red-fruited. Light in body, faint in tannin, and zippy with acidity, it's kind of like Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Frappato, but its signature pink peppercorn nuance makes it quite singular.

I love it, and I have a wonderful memory of enjoying it with cacio e pepe at Cucina 24 a few years back. The brightness of the raspberry and cherry fruit, the spicy/peppery notes, and the wine's brightness were a perfect match to this classic, rich, cheesy, and peppery pasta dish. I highly recommend you test this pairing out for yourself.

Castello di Verduno is exactly the type of estate I love to promote and sell. Historic, family-owned estate with serious pedigree, certified organic, all-star winemaker, and as traditional as they come. The estate is run by Franco Bianco and his wife Gabrielle (maiden name Burlotto, yes that Burlotto Family), and their wines are made by Mario Andrion, one of the most talented young winemakers in the region.

It all adds up to greatness, and this wine is all the proof you should need. I highly advise you to give this a shot, and I advise you even more strongly to save a bottle or two for Thanksgiving. It would really shine with the holiday meal.

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