Perfect Italian Six Pack

Josh's Perfect Italian Six-Pack

My Perfect Italian Six-Pack includes six delicious bottles of wine from our friends at Piedmont Wine Imports.

Just $84.99 NET for six organic, family-produced, and delicious wines that will please plenty of palates. On deal through February 27th, 2021.

Talk about a great deal! This “package deal” incudes 6 classic and delicious Italian wines from importer Jay Murrie of Piedmont Wine Imports. Not only are the wines delicious, they come from the types of producers we like to support. Murrie sums it up best, “The farms we work with value character, nature, and truth. They work land with knowledge from tradition and decision-making filtered through thousands of hours among their vines, learning up close.” The man has got a way with words doesn’t he?

Trust me, whether you already love Italian wines or are wanting to learn more, this is a no-brainer. And with most of us stuck at home due to the pandemic, this is your “gateway to Italy,” minus the cost of a plane ticket. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to support two small, North Carolina-based businesses and a handful of small, family-run wineries. That’s called winning!

Please note that the special sale pricing only applies when you buy 1 bottle of each of the featured wines below.

1. 2019 Alla Costiera Prosecco Extra Dry (Veneto, Italy) – Filippo Gamba makes the best Prosecco on the planet. He and his wife do all of the work at this tiny organic/biodynamic estate in the rolling hills just north of Venice. They make their Prosecco in tiny batches (3,000 bottles at a time) using natural methods unheard of amongst the big, commercial Prosecco producers. This is the rare vintage-dated Prosecco, and it’s aged 2 months (also rare) before being bottled. The result is a Prosecco with finer bubbles and all of that TLC that Filippo puts into the care of his vineyards can be tasted in the finished wine. Golden colored and boasting ripe notes of golden apple, pear, lemon zest, and white flowers, this is the perfect wine to get the juices flowing. It’s also quite delicious with spicy Thai or Indian fare.

2. 2019 Castello di Torre in Pietra ‘Elephas’ Bianco (Lazio, Italy) – Filippo Antonelli & Lorenzo Majnoni run this charming, certified organic estate just west of Rome. Their wines can be summed up with two words — pure and likeable. They are not grandiose or over the top…..they’re just good. The estate’s entry level white is a blend of Trebbiano, Vermentino, and Fiano fermented and aged in tank. It is super fresh and highly aromatic with a nice mix of tropical fruits, green apple, fresh herbs, and white flowers. Enjoy this one chilled and served alongside fresh cheeses, appetizers, or light meats.

3. 2019 Castello di Torre in Pietra ‘Elephas’ Rosso (Lazio, Italy) – Like the estate’s white, this is a rock solid red that also comes from the estate’s certified organic vineyards. The blend here is Sangiovese, Montepulciano, and Merlot fermented in a combination of stainless steel and cement tanks. Super fresh, balanced, and smooth, this one exudes aromas and flavors of ripe red fruits and violet. With its bright and refreshing acidity, this would work wonderfully with pizza or pasta with red sauce.

4. 2019 Paolo Petrilli Motta del Lupo (Puglia, Italy) – Paolo Petrilli’s certified organic estate in Southern Italy fosters healthy grapes as well as some of the best tomatoes grown in all of Italy. His Motta del Lupo is both certified organic and vegan, but most importantly, it’s certified delicious! A blend of Sangiovese, Montepulciano, and Nero di Troia, this is a wine of contrasts. It’s big and full flavored yet fresh and smooth. And though it goes down quite easy, it also offers a level of complexity rarely encountered in a sub-$15 bottle of wine. Dark cherry, raspberry, lavender, violet, and white pepper all make an appearance in the bouquet and flavor profile of this one. Drink this with whatever that tiny Italian grandmother tells you to pair it with!

5. 2018 Pietralta Chianti (Tuscany, Italy) – Not all Chiantis are created equally! When you taste this, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. In a world of washed out, insipid Chiantis, the one from Pietralta stands in stark contrast. This one has substance, depth, and soul, and that is because what goes in the bottle is 50+ year old, organically farmed Sangiovese from a site near San Gimignano. Notes of plum, dusty cherry, spice, and sage are all on display in this medium to full bodied red. Serve with rosemary lamb chops, hearty winter stews, or a nice spread of meats, cheeses, and breads.

6. 2018 Plantamura Primitivo ‘Etichetta Nera’ (Puglia, Italy) – Mariangela Plantamura makes one of Italy’s greatest Primitivos from her tiny winery…’s not much larger than a typical US garage! This is a wine that earned her a Tre Bicchieri award from Gambero Rosso…..that’s a pretty big deal as it’s about the highest award an Italian wine can garner. Her Etichetta Nera is her top wine and is made with the estate’s oldest vines. Deeply colored and packed with flavors of ripe plum, dark raspberry, and exotic spices, this is almost too easy to drink, especially for a “bigger” wine. Enjoy it with your favorite bbq.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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