Pepiere Muscadet Clos des Briords 2020

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Domaine de la Pepiere Clos des Briords

No wine captures the essence of Muscadet better than Pepiere's Clos des Briords. It is a formidable white wine that seems to get better every year, driving up demand while supply remains the same.

A wine that tastes amazing upon release, Clos des Briords is one of those rare white wines that also ages very well. We got a decent allocation this year (84 bottles), and it's first come, first served. I've already claimed mine :)

Pepiere Muscadet Clos des Briords

2022 Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet 'Clos des Briords' 


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Ten years ago, if you told me Pepiere's Les Briords Muscadet was allocated, I'd tell you to get out of my shop and not let the door hit you in the butt. Today, I stand corrected in saying this is one of the great, world-class, white wine values on the planet.

I recently enjoyed a bottle of the 2015 of this one with friends and oysters. It was revelatory. It also reminded me how well this wine ages. Transparent, honest, and about as pure a white wine gets, this offers up substance and nuance usually only found in wines that cost a lot more. I wish there was more, but when you taste this, you'll know immediately why there isn't.

Chablis-like with its intensity, persistence, and minerality, this showcases lemon curd, apple, Bosc pear, and tangerine on the nose. This leads into a tightly-coiled, high-energy palate that I recommend sipping slowly and observantly. It really opens up with air, time, and temperature.

While Pepiere's Clos des Briords is superb with oysters, no food is required. It's epic, and it's a contemplative white to enjoy on a night when you have time to "listen" and explore its many  splendors :) 

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville