Pepiere Muscadet Clisson 2019

Grand Cru Muscadet: 2019 Domaine de la Pepiere Clisson

SOLD OUT! I like to call Pepiere's Clisson bottling the "Rolls Royce of Muscadets." One of the grandest and most extravagant expressions I've ever had the honor to pour in my glass, we were lucky to score a 5 case (60 bottles) allocation this year.

You've never had a Muscadet like this folks. Here's a wine that is rich, fleshy, and fine-textured but it is still laser-focused and deeply mineralic. If it were poured for me blind, I'd probably guess that it was a Cru-level Chablis or a top-shelf, Loire Valley Chenin Blanc. I popped a bottle of this for my staff last week, and it rocked our worlds. Yet despite its immediate appeal, this is a white wine that will age and improve for at least a decade.  

Pepiere Clisson Muscadet

2019 Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet Sevre et Maine 'Clisson'

Just 60 bottles up for grabs. The gold standard of Muscadets! 


We sell a lot of Muscadet at Table Wine, and it is producers like Pepiere that make that an easy task. We had their "entry-level" Muscadet on sale last week, but that one ran out in 2 days. Luckily, I got a decent allocation of Pepiere's Clisson Muscadet this year. This is arguably the estate's top bottling, and if you love Muscadet but have never had this, please do yourself a favor and get some.

Imagine being able to buy Opus One, Dom Perignon, or Romanee Conti for less than 30 bucks. That's what I'm offering you here -- one of the best examples of its type, but it comes to you at less than $30! For those who know and love French whites, they know that this is a true gem and one of the top values in world-class French white wine out there.

So what is Clisson? It's a village and a specific zone within the Muscadet AOC, in the western reaches of the Loire Valley, where the Loire River empties into the Atlantic. Marc Ollivier, aka the Master of Muscadet, first made a Clisson bottling in 2005. He was drawn to the unique soils of the region (dense granite, gravel, and rolled stones), and he felt that these well-drained soils could produce a wine with more power, depth, and complexity. Marc was right, and this 2019 was the last vintage he made before retiring. 

Produced from 60 to 90 year old Melon de Bourgogne vines, Pepiere ages this for a full 24 months on the lies. Vintage 2019 was hot and yielded a ripe, rich, and fleshy white wine that really is a "Grand Cru" version of Muscadet. There's an array of ripe citrus notes along with that complex minerality that could only come from old vines planted in these rocky soils. We seriously owe a huge thank you to Marc Ollivier for producing such an incredible wine at such a great price.

Like I said earlier, this seriously wowed us when we opened a bottle last week. It's got the "wow factor" that all world-class whites possess, but it comes to you at way below a "world-class price." Like I also said earlier, this is in the early stages of its development. With 8-10 years of maturation, the acidity will mellow a bit, the fruit will get even riper, richer, and more complex, and the mineral character will become more integrated into the wine.

I've got a great deal price on this because I want you to take a journey with this wine. Have a bottle now with oysters or fuller-flavored fish and seafood dishes, but please lay some down. You will be rewarded for your patience. 

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville