Xabre Ribeira Sacra 2015

Gorgeous Spanish Red Wine Discovery: Fento Xabre Ribeira Sacra

SOLD OUT! The Mencia grape is responsible for some of Spain’s most thrilling red wines, and the 2015 Fento Xabre Ribeira Sacra is proof positive. I actually prefer wines like this over the more well-known wines of Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Priorat. Why you ask?

Because they are prettier, fresher, and silkier than any other red wine produced in the country. And this version from one of Spain’s most respected and innovative winemakers is truly special. Drinking and smelling like a hypothetical blend of ‘Burgundy x Morgon x Oregon Pinot Noir,’ the 2015 Fento Xabre Ribeira Sacra is a joy ride of a red wine.

Fento Xabre Ribeira Sacra 2015

2015 Fento ‘Xabre’ Ribeira Sacra

Spain's answer to silky Red Burgundy!


Husband and wife Eulogio and Rebcca Pomares are the passionate team behind Xabre. Xabre (pronounced Shah-bray) is named after the weathered, sandy granite soils of Ribeira Sacra in Northwestern Spain. These old, steep, rocky, elevated vineyards are stressed to the max, producing wines of intense and dramatic beauty.

Mainly Mencia (90%), with the balance made up of Sousón, Mouratón and Garnacha, all from vines ranging between 15 and 80 years old, the fruit comes from from terraced vineyards between 900 to 2,100 feet in elevation. Though organic viticulture is difficult in the Ribeira Sacra zone due to humidity and mildew pressure, Eulogio is making it happen with the use of native cover crops and natural sprays.

Beautifully perfumed, elegant, graceful and velvety, this is Spain’s answer to Red Burgundy. Radiant, highly aromatic and possessing gorgeous aromas and flavors of fresh red berries, citrus peel, green tea, violet, and warm terra cotta, this one dances over the palate with silky precision.

This is a wine that will make a lot of people happy. Unfortunately, I’ve only got ten 6-packs up for grabs………they only make 3,000 bottles. Enjoy this one with lean grilled meats and summer vegetables or skip the food and enjoy this one with a slight chill.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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