Salel et Renaud La Galinette 2021

Exotic and Aromatic White Rhone: Salel et Renaud La Galinette

When White Rhones are good, they are among my favorite whites on the planet. Trust me, the Salel et Renaud La Galinette is fabulous, especially for those who love classically styled White Rhones! A wonderfully aromatic and crisp blend of Roussanne and Vermentino made by two young, ambitious, and intentional vignerons, it's loaded with charm.

Hailing from the Ardeche region of the Rhone, that "hinterland area" where the Southern and Northern Rhone meet, this is a region that is loaded with potential. Benoit Salel & Elise Renaud both come from a long line of growers, and they are maximizing that potential in a big way. Taste this, and you'll know exactly what I mean.
Salel et Renaud La Galinette
2021 Domaine Salel et Renaud La Galinette 

Floral and peachy yet crisp, dry, and mineral-rich!

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Elise Renaud and Benoit Salel both hail from the Cevennes Ardechoises, where both of their families have tended the vine for many generations. While their elders sold all of their grapes to the local cooperative, Elise and Benoit decided to give it a go, making their own wines from their own vines. The two met in 2008, bought 3 hectares of vines in the rugged Ardeche region, and the rest is history. Since 2008, they have increased their holdings to 13 hectares, and they have converted all of their vineyards over to organics.

Their wines are brand new to the United States, and their La Galinette Blanc is my idea of the perfect white wine. What I like most about this wine is its elegance; White Rhones can often be a bit "clunky," but this one is fresh, zesty, and precise. At just 12.5% alcohol, this blend of equal parts Vermentino and Roussanne shines with both Southern and Northern Rhone character. The Roussanne contributes heady scents and flavors of peach, lemon, and honeysuckle, while the Vermentino adds acidity along with notes of pink grapefruit, citrus zest, and herb. All in all, this all adds up to create a joyful and delicious drinking experience.

This is a wine that would be great served with the classic Thanksgiving feast, but I don't think we'll have any left by the time Turkey Day gets here. Thus, enjoy now with roasted chicken and root vegetables or richer, oilier fish and seafood dishes. Or skip the food altogether and just drink this one with a good friend or loved one.

Being that this one is brand new to the US, the pricing is ridiculously low for such an incredible and artisanal wine. It won't be for long, I guarantee it. I suspect it will be very well-received, and we only have 14 cases available. You know what to do next.....:)

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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