Matho Bianco Cuvee Brut Zero

Dry and Delicious Prosecco: Matho Bianco Cuvee Brut Zero

Prosecco Lovers Unite! This certified organic, completely dry, and absolutely gorgeous Prosecco is one of my newest finds, and it's one that a lot of folks will be talking about. I guarantee it!

Most of the Proseccos that make it to the US aren't actually dry. They are labeled as "Extra-Dry," which is quite confusing because that designation actually means "slightly sweet." Here is a Prosecco that breaks the rules by being completely dry. Yet, it still possesses classic Prosecco aromas and flavors of fresh peach, golden apple, and white flowers.

Matho Bianco Cuvee Brut Zero

NV Matho Bianco Cuvee Brut Zero

Truly dry and totally delicious Prosecco!  

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Goodness gracious that's some good Prosecco! Brothers Bruno and Massimo Marion have been making their family's wines since 1999. It was under their watch that the winery became certified organic, and it was also under their helm that Matho started making a truly dry Prosecco.

When you look at the label, you'll notice it doesn't say Prosecco anywhere. I can only guess that the regional wine authorities looked at this project with consternation, as Extra Dry (lightly sweet) is the more prevailing style. The brothers didn't care. They liked the brisk style of this wine, and they labeled it as Bianco Cuvee. Rebels, visionaries, whatever you want to call it, this is really good stuff. 

100% Glera (the Prosecco grape) from hillside slopes in Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, about 30 miles north of Venice, this is too easy to drink. The flavors are of fresh and perfectly ripe stone fruits, citrus, green apple, honeysuckle, and freshly baked baguette. The bubbles are fine, the flavors are long and invigorating, and the overall impression here is YUM.

One last bit of advice. Drink bubbles all year long! I do, my staff does, and so should you. At this price point and this quality level, you'd be a fool not to.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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