Kokomo Zinfandel 2021

Delicious, Classy, Elegant Old Vine Zin: 2021 Kokomo Zinfandel

Old Vine Zin Lovers Unite! The 2021 Kokomo Zinfandel is not only delicious, it's a prime example of why Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley is one of the best Zinfandel zones on the planet. From an ideal vintage for Zinfandel (hot and dry), this is generous, rich, full-bodied, and smooth. 

Kokomo Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

2021 Kokomo Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley 

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I can't imagine a more delicious and satisfying Red Zin than the version from Kokomo's Erik Miller. A native of Kokomo, Indiana (no relation to the Beach Boys:)), Miller has crafted a stunning wine from the fabulous 2021 Sonoma County Vintage. If you want all of the details on this one (vineyard sources, winemaking, etc.), CLICK HERE. All I'm going to tell you is how good this stuff smells and tastes!

A classic Dry Creek Zin, this balances ripe fruit with zesty acids and bold spice with smoky herbal notes. Definitely full-bodied but not overly jammy or at all sweet, this is the kind of Zin that early Italian immigrants grew, made, and loved. 

The way Zinfandel made it to California is a fascinating read, but research shows it most likely made its way to California during the 1850's Gold Rush. By the late-1800's, the grape made its way to Sonoma County, where these first generation Italians planted some of the first Zinfandel vineyards of the North Coast. The rest, as they say, is history. 

I digress. Let me get back on track with those tasting notes. Warm raspberry, cherry liqueur, anise, sage, and pepper all come floating out of the glass immediately. With time and air, the fruit turns plummier and softer, and the spice/herb combo integrates perfectly. Plush yet elegant on the palate, it's a wine I'd be happy to drink any day of the week.

Enjoy this bold and hearty red with your favorite BBQ, grilled meat, or a good friend. Just 84 bottles up for grabs at deal pricing. You know what to do now...

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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