Case of the Month - 2015 Bidoli Sauvignon Blanc

Case of the Month - 2015 Bidoli Sauvignon Blanc

SOLD OUT! The 2015 Bidoli Sauvignon Blanc is one of our top white wine finds of the year! If you like Sancerre, but are looking for a white that costs less, I found it!

Bidoli Sauvignon Blanc

2015 Bidoli Sauvignon Blanc

Stunning Sauvignon Blanc Value!


When Mike Tiano of the Haw River Wine Man poured this for me about a month ago, I didn’t expect much. Sure, Italy is home to some good to great Sauvignon Blancs, but the really good ones tend to run $20+ per bottle. I figured this would be a nice little white wine with simple citrus and herbal notes. Wrong! Mike poured it in my glass and I could smell it from close to 5 feet away………and it smelled incredible! I then took a look at the price and had to keep my “poker face” on as I knew I was going to buy big on this one. We picked up 10 cases 2 weeks ago, sold out in less than a week and reordered in time to make it our new Case of the Month. Have I got your attention yet?

Bidoli Vini is a 3rd generation family owned winery that was founded in 1924 in the Friuli Grave (pronounced grah-veh) region of Northeastern Italy. This specific zone of is renowned for Sauvignon Blanc due to the presence of its gravelly, rocky soils. The rocks get hot during the day and chill down at night which provides for optimal ripening during the day while sustaining crisp and fresh acidity. The peculiarity of these soils, together with the beneficial effect of the Adriatic Sea and the shelter provided by the Dolomites and the Alps, combine to create the perfect conditions for Sauvignon Blanc.

I am quite sure that this is always a nice wine, but Vintage 2015 was an exceptional one throughout all of Italy. It was a hot and dry vintage throughout the country, and you can taste the warmth and the sunshine in this wine. Fermented in stainless steel and aged in tank on the lees for 3 months, this is substantial Sauvignon Blanc with more body, weight, and intensity than other Sauvignon Blancs in this price range. Right out of the bottle, it smells of ripe pear, passion fruit, carmelized grapefruit, and white flowers and herbs. On the palate, it is full and intense with a nice mix of citrus and orchard fruits and a long and flavorful finish.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville