2021 Domaine Felix Bourgogne Aligote

Bone-Dry, Mineralic, Chablis-Like: 2021 Domaine Felix Bourgogne Aligote

Domaine Felix Aligote

Many of you know and love the Sauvignon Blanc by Domaine Felix, but that's not all they make. They also make a tiny amount of Aligote, a Burgundian specialty that ripens early and yields high-toned, bone-dry white wines. Felix's version is certainly that, but it's a bit riper, fuller, and overt. 

When Peg and I tasted this together a couple weeks back, we knew we needed to feature it. From vineyards just south of Chablis and crafted by a family-run estate that has been at it since 1690, this will appeal to lovers of Chablis, Muscadet, and other dry, crisp, and mineralic whites.  

2021 Domaine Felix Bourgogne Aligote -- Here's why you should buy it:

  • It's reminiscent of Chablis from a bygone era. With Chardonnay from Chablis getting riper and richer due to climate change, Aligote shows that wonderful minerality and liveliness that all Chablis used to possess.
  • Herve Felix is one of the masters of the region. He inherits over 300 years of family experience in the vineyards, with the grapes, and with the unique terroir that is the Cotes d'Auxerre.
  • Aligote is a great "expressor" of terroir. It showcases the chalky terroir that these limestone-rich soils are known for. Can you say MINERALIC?
  • Despite the wine's mineral backbone and taut structure, there's plenty of ripe green apple, pear, and lemon present as well. Enjoy with oysters, delicate and flaky fish, or some brie and a baugette.

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