Manciat Saint Veran 2019

Blissful White Burgundy: 2019 Jean Manciat Saint-Veran

SOLD OUT! You all have come to know and love the wines of Jean Manciat. His Macon cuvees are some of the finest wines and top values of the region, but his Saint-Veran is his crown jewel and his smallest production wine.

This is a wine that truly competes with the more famed and costlier wines of the Cotes de Beaune. In a good year like 2019, Manciat will produce around 300 cases of this wine, and only 10 or so make it to North Carolina. Of those 10 cases, we got 7, and I am dealing deep on this one! I want as many White Burgundy lovers as possible to get this in their glass.

Jean Manciat Saint Veran

2019 Domaine Jean Manciat Saint-Veran

Concentrated, complex, and stylish Chardonnay that will delight White Burgundy lovers. 


Jean Manciat owns a miniscule acres of vines Saint-Veran, one of the top villages of the Maconnais. The well-drained sandy, limestone-rich soils are much like those found in the prized Montrachet vineyards to the north. When you combine this aspect with the fact that Manciat picks at lower yields and later than most in the region, it becomes very clear why this wine is so good. 

This is a grand and layered Saint-Veran that would give many Pulignys and Chassagnes a run for their a fraction of the price. It is made even more grand by the fact that Jean uses a judicious amount of high-grade French oak to age his Saint-Veran. Don't worry, the oak is expertly integrated here, and I personally think it actually adds to the wine. These old, low-yielding Chardonnay vines produce grapes with a ton of flavor, and the oak just helps to frame that intensity. 

This natural, slow, and traditional approach to farming and winemaking is what I look for in all of the special wines we stock at Table Wine. And this stuff is seriously special! Possessing a classic White Burgundy nose of spiced pear, apple, flint, white flowers, and white truffle, this is full, rich, and highly stylish white wine. It is truly fit for royalty, but it's priced to sell to those with far less riches.

In closing, Manciat's dreamy Saint-Veran totally reminds me of wines from the “higher rent” districts of Burgundy. Make  sure to enjoy at least one bottle with a meal. I’m thinking hard-seared scallops. Deglaze your pan with a little bit of this wine, reduce, hit it with a little butter, and pour that delicious sauce right over your scallops. Elegant, regal, refined, delicious — just like this wine!

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville