2022 Domaine Jean Royer 'Le Petit Roy' Rouge

Baby Chateauneuf du Pape: Domaine Jean Royer 'Le Petit Roy' Rouge

There's a rocking new Rhone in the house, it comes from an "on-the-rise" Chateauneuf producer, and it's an absolute joy-ride of a red.

Silky, plush, rich, and flowing with opulent and decadent notes of kirsch, blackberry coulis, baked raspberry, and Provencal garrigue (thyme, rosemary, lavender), this is a very complete wine at a very reasonable price.

In case you hadn't heard, Vintage 2022 was an excellent one in the Southern Rhone. When you taste this wine, you'll pick up on that immediately. I bought my distributor's last 10 cases of this one, and I'm dealing deep. Keep reading, the story just gets better! 

Jean Royer Le Petit Roy

2022 Domaine Jean Royer 'Le Petit Roy' Rouge 

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This is truly an "insider's wine." Composed of grapes within and just outside of the Chateauneuf "county line," it delivers classic Southern Rhone flavors and more. When I tasted this last week, I was absolutely floored with the quality-to-price ratio. You will be too!

While Le Petit Roy is Jean-Marie Royer's "house wine," it's so much more than a simple red. A blend of Mourvedre from just outside of Chateauneuf, plus Grenache and Syrah from a vineyard within the Chateauneuf boundaries, it's pure pleasure wine that will appeal to lots of palates.

Jean-Marie Royer trained under famed oenologist Philippe Cambie, God rest his soul. Cambie's influence obviously rubbed off on Jean-Marie, as his wines have a wonderful polish and plushness to them, a style that Cambie mastered. I look forward to testing out some of Royer's Chateauneuf du Papes in the very near future....stay tuned!

There's a lot of conflicting information online about the percentages of each grape contained within the 2022 Le Petit Roy, but I know it's a classic GSM. That's short for Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre, and I'd guess Grenache is "driving the bus" here, as this is quite plush and pleasure-bent.

Whatever the proportions are, it all adds up to a full-bodied, sumptuous, and silky Southern Rhone red. If you love Rhones, you've got to get some of this. Trust me....

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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