As good as Venge? You be the judge: 2019 Royal Prince Cabernet Sauvignon

As good as Venge? You be the judge: 2019 Royal Prince Cabernet Sauvignon

This is the Napa Cab of the future my friends. It's very present right now, but this will be a wine folks will be talking about 10 years from now. Hopefully, they'll be saying they bought it at Table Wine, and hopefully it's not $75+, but it might be.

I've been following the evolution of this wine. The 2018 was open and opulent upon release, but the 2019 was pretty tight and closed when it first came out. Many of you trusted me and bought it with reckless abandon when we featured it earlier this year. Now, with nearly a year of "bottle conditioning," this wine is absolutely singing. 

Royal Prince Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 Royal Prince Cabernet Sauvignon  

95 points Josh Spurling, 93 points Jeb Dunnuck 


Jeb Dunnuck said the 2018 version of this wine "tastes as though it costs three times the price." He was right, and I suspect he will have similar feelings about the 2019, which I feel is a wee bit better. This is a Napa Cab that gives Venge Silencieux a serious run for its money, and it costs less. Needless to say, it out-classes many Napa Cabs that cost a lot more, and then some.

Maayan Koschitzky, who trained under and continues to work with Philippe Melka, is one of the best young winemakers in California. He makes this one. Some folks just have the knack and the touch for winemaking, and Maayan is one of those individuals. He's earned his stripes, and the praise, if not already there, is on its way.

Like the 2018 version of this wine, the 2019 is deep, deep, deep, dark in color, and it offers up a rocking nose of creme de cassis, dark chocolate, cigar tobacco, and graphite. I'm going to be 100% honest here -- this stuff is structured, which means it has some tannin, but the tannin has softened substantially since we last offered this one up. Still, it's going to be a good idea to get this open and decant it for a good hour or two. With time and air, this one comes out of its shell, softens, and opens up beautifully.

As good as it is now with a good decant, it's going to be even better in 5 years, and even better than that in 10 years. From there, it's up to you. It might live longer, it might not. Get some before it costs a lot more....

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville